Monday, October 3, 2011

rawrr miatasaur!

Over the last year I've been collecting stickers from some of my favourite blogs/websites, and in celebration of my MX-5 finally looking good and being road legal I decided it was finally time to put them on the car!

I'm a total sticker nerd so this was a very exciting moment for me...

The weather was perfect on Friday and when we stopped at BP on the way down to Taupo I took this shot of the car in the sun - the pink wheels stand out so much and the stickers sparkle like crazy. I'm so happy with how it looks, but I do still want to be able to go a bit lower. At the moment this is the lowest the car can go with the BC coilovers until I get the tophats modified. Seriously though, after braving the f*cking crazy road down to Taupo I'm a bit worried for my poor car - at one stage I bottomed out at full speed on the highway and somehow managed to actually dislodge a chunk of ashpalt, hurtling it towards my flatmate driving behind me. Mental!

Anyway, it was a hard choice as to which stickers to use as I have an enourmous shoebox full and the rear window is really small! But in the end I went with the selection above.

Thanks v2Lab, Fatlace, Dave @ Stanceiseverything, Illmotion, StanceWorks, Frank & Ivy @ Qubicstore and of course Stance:Nation!!! Keep making pink/sparkly stickers and I'll keep buying them - I can't help myself!

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  1. this is the best looking mx5 i've ever seen in my life! awsome! simply beautiful!!!


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