Tuesday, November 15, 2011

mucking in

The past week has been particularly exciting for me as progress on the MX-5 is picking up the pace, and I've now got my heart set on exactly how I want it to look. One of the things I've never been happy with is the paint, which being twenty years old isn't exactly as flash as it once was. Although it may look nice in photos, up close it has quite a few imperfections - mainly cracks and scratches. I'd always just accepted that I'd never be able to afford to do anything about it, so I was really excited to find out that some awesome, amazing friends are going to help me fix up the few flaws and give the body a basic respray!

Tonight I started sanding back the clear coat in preparation for the new paint. Obviously it's not going to be of showcar standard or anything, but it's certainly going to be a vast improvement from before! Let's be honest here, as a learner I'm most likely going to bash it into a tyre wall at some point anyway. This car isn't just for hardparking!

Goodbye nice manicure!

I can't wait to share more updates on here as things are getting done. In less than two weeks I'm hoping to have the car looking it's best!

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