Tuesday, November 8, 2011

nizfest 2011

On Saturday we went down to check out Nizfest, an event celebrating all things Nissan and Datsun held down at Hampton Downs each year. Unfortunately I'm told it was a smaller turn-out than previous years (possibly due to a number of other events being on the same day) but despite this there were still some really nice cars on show. Here is just a small selection of the images I took on the day...

This was perhaps my favourite Skyline GT-R of the day. Nice colour combo with the blue Emotion XD-9s.

Merissa Gilmour (left) was crowned Miss Nizfest for 2011 - check her out in NZ artist Pieter T's new music video here.

This Fairlady 1600 was my favourite car of the day. I love old-school Japanese convertibles!

These DR30 RS Skylines made quite a pair.

The grey one was sporting some very cool wheels - old school Work Ewings.

This gold targa-top 280ZX really stood out from the crowd. So 80s!

I'm a big fan of Nimesh Patel's two-tone S13 which is featured in the latest copy of NZ Performance Car magazine.

The gold TE-37s look awesome, despite getting a bit dusty after being out on the skid pad!

Such a simple and clean build with great stance; really love it!

Another car that was looking good was the Garage H 180SX build.

I hope they continue to hold Nizfest annually as it's cool to have a one make event where everyone can get together and share appreciation for their cars like this. It always makes for such a great atmosphere!


  1. I wish my partner still had his 180SX. We would have loved to be apart of NIZFEST11, looked like great fun!

  2. Hi Taryn,
    I just came across your blog. I've seen the name before but I havn't visited. You take Great Photos. I was taken back for a moment when I realized you're a woman. Not that women aren't capable of such nice work, is just that most auto blogs are dudes. You seem to post often so I will be sure to stop by again. Take care...Phillip

  3. Hey thanks very much Phillip! :)

  4. Hi guys i just saw the pictures of the dr30s and was wondering if anyone knows where i can buy parts or has parts they wana sell. Any help would be great thanks


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