Sunday, November 27, 2011

weekend of mayhem!

I've just realised that it's been a whole week since I've posted new content on here - oops! Time has really flown by because for the last week I've been preparing my MX-5 to get repainted. I'm hoping to have the car looking its best by next weekend!

Firstly, on Saturday I went down to Pukekohe and spent the day at Round 2 of the D1NZ Nationals, as well as checking out the VIP park up while I was there. I'll post up some more photos from this over the next few days!

Today however was spent out in west Auckland watching my beautiful baby get repainted thanks to the awesome Ben, who also owns this sick 85 which you may remember me posting about a few weeks back.

This notchback is seriously bad ass! While taking some more shots of the car, all of a sudden... disaster struck!

My camera suddenly malfunctioned, and when I took the lens out I sighed in disappointment as I saw the mirror had detached itself from inside the camera body. A common problem in the EOS 5D apparently, which really sucks for me with the NZPC Hardpark & Swapmeet and the NZPC vs. NZV8 NAC Insurance drag combat coming up next weekend!

Moving on from my depressing camera issues, I did get some awesome shots from over the weekend and I'll make sure to post them all up over the next few days on here!


  1. Oh nose! painted your car with the hardtop on? I mean...I'm sure it'll look good as long as you never take it off. You know it probably takes longer to mask those tail lights off than it would to just remove them.

    That said...I've seen the finished pics and it looks good.

  2. Yeah we did, this car was never going to be flawless so I wasn't too fussed. It still looks so much better than before so I am really happy with the finished result :)


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