Sunday, December 4, 2011

D1NZ round 2 photos

A few more casual shots from around Pukekohe last weekend...

Hugo testing out his newly rotary powered AE85.

Kerri Mareeba was running some impressive times in her 20B powered FC, which I might add is also sparkly and pink. This girl has only been driving on the circuit for 6 months - I didn't believe her when she first told me that!

One thing that made watching the time attack racing extra exciting was the Live Racing timing site, which allowed us to watch live updates of each driver's times!

Bruce's S13 looks so much different now with the new sponsor graphics, I really like it. Bruce was doing some seriously awesome driving on Saturday, he is one of my favourite drifters to watch because at every event I go to, his driving is constantly improving.

Mad Mike's crazy invention for abiding by the noise regulations.

Caption comp for the above Sam G portrait.

The boys trying to put Gaz's rear back together after his big crash.

It was good to see that despite the drama, the boys still kept in good spirits.

Where you should and shouldn't be on the track right now!

The grandstands were so packed! It was unfortunate that some kid decided to press the fire alarm button as the whole place had to be evacuated, putting all the driving on hold too. There was only one thing for us to do in this situation...

Check my sweet snoozing stance.

Olly Jepson's RPS13 on his sick new Weds wheels, looking so good!

Darren Benjamin stoked on qualifying first!

Curt Whittaker and the boys celebrate their podium spots in traditional fashion.

What a crazy D1 round, looking forward to more action to come in the following months!

Stay tuned for NZPC Hardpark photos tomorrow night...

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