Monday, December 5, 2011

NZPC hardpark 2011 coverage

I opened my eyes and jumped out of bed, peering outside between the blinds to see what the weather was like. I glanced over at where my MX-5 was parked, the chassis rails almost resting on the ground on the angle it was parked on, proudly displaying its new glossy white coat.

I beamed an enormous smile... it was like a beautiful glowing angel! My heart skipped a beat as I visualised myself rolling down the motorway, millimetres off the ground, on my way over to Auckland's North Shore. I’d pretty much emptied my whole bank account over the past month and put it into getting my car ready for today. It was time to make every cent count! Click here to view a quick video.

A few other MX-5 owners and I convoyed over together, arriving early before all the madness started. It was really cool meeting up and discussing the next plans for our cars and cruising together!

Cole’s 1.6 turbo has some sweet extra touches put into it - a custom red paint-job and an RX-7 front lip just to name a couple. So nice!

By the early afternoon the whole parking lot was packed full - NZPC were stoked by the turn-out, which would have been over 400 cars at least.

Here are a few more of my favourite shots from the day...

Ben’s 85 – can’t get enough photos of this car.

This was probably my favourite Civic, Caleb Thorne’s EG. Nice stickers too!

CJC brought their A-game, as well as a BBQ & sausage sizzle and a gazebo! For a group of young car guys, they are always so organised. I’m really looking forward to featuring my car on their stand at the 4 & Rotary Nationals in January!

Phil’s S2K, so clean!

This R31 wagon was super rad.

It’s so cool seeing couples that are into the car scene together. Here is Andrew’s E30...

...and Laura’s EP3 Type R.

Sweet AE86, I hear this car may be going up for sale soon!

I remember seeing this Hachi out at Meremere a few months ago, but never got to have a really good look at it then. It truly is gorgeous!

Something about this EG’s stance I really like. The bright white steelies and purple wheel nuts really stood out to me.

I absolutely love everything about this red VW Kombi! It’s been restored to such beautiful condition, and the matching checkered curtains just make it. Awesome!

Aaron Keach’s bad-ass FC had to take best stance of the event in my opinion.

Last but not least, my MX-5 makes its debut with its new paint job, new ride height and new Project G-wing. The feedback I’ve had so far has been fantastic and I just wanted to thank everyone for your kind comments!

A massive thank-you to New Zealand Performance Car for hosting a well organised (and not to mention free!) event for the Auckland car community to enjoy. The day was a huge success and I’ve got a feeling that this is just a taste of bigger and even more awesome things to come in our scene in 2012!

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