Thursday, March 31, 2011

one for the girls

Clean VW Jetta Eos on BBS RSs - and her number plate is DUB BITCH! I love her!

Pink Watanabes... you know I feel about those!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

sticker geek

My collection is growing!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

chrome done right!

This is why I love this.

Monday, March 28, 2011

beach hop 2011

This was the second year I’d been down to the beautiful little coastal town of Whangamata for the annual Rock ‘n’ Roll festival known as Beach Hop. Despite some very unfortunate weather and our ’67 Impala springing a pretty heavy exhaust leak, we braved the rain and made the trip down safely.

It was sad to see that the weather seemed to make a difference in the amount of cars that made an appearance – there definitely weren’t as many as last year. But it was still a great weekend none the less, and on Saturday I donned a nice big rain jacket and tucked my camera safely underneath it.

This Catalina was beautiful and just like many of these images I couldn't quite capture exactly how much so in these pictures.

This Buick Electra was gorgeous - it was pretty low too!

My fellow bB girl Jo recently took on this Valiant as her new project and I really love what she's done with it - so cool!

I loved this Super 88 Oldsmobile - such a beautifully shaped car!

'59 Cadillacs are my favourite classic cars and they were everywhere! These were three beautiful examples - the silver Coupe Deville was particularly stunning.

My favourite part of attending classic car events is hunting for pink Cadillacs! I was absolutely ecstatic to see three different ones this year and managed to capture pictures of all of them. There was one incident where I headed down to the local takeaway store for dinner without my camera and OF COURSE the third one had to be parked right outside, (I actually wanted to cry!) but luckily I was able to get a friend to snap a quick shot on her iPhone for me. You’d think as a photographer I would’ve learned the lesson of ‘never leaving your camera at home’ by now!

If you asked me which one of these was my favourite I wouldn't be able to choose. I prefer the coupe model over the sedan but being pink made up for that with these particular cars. This '59 was such a bright baby pink and I was instantly in love.

This '57 was beautiful too. I love how they have the silver and gold trim - it just works somehow.

Another '57, this one was painted in a dreamy rose pink. Thanks to my friend Gemma for this photo!

Our Impala was looking pretty sharp and was sitting incredibly low with all our belongings stuffed in the boot. Loving the rear wheel fitment!

Amidst the excitement that is Beach Hop, I always find that I am so easily consumed by such an immense appreciation for classic cars. Fitment, offset numbers and tire sizes seemed to melt away as I found myself mesmerised by the beautifully handcrafted machines with their strangely designed panels and huge oversized tail fins. This weekend was perhaps the first time I’d not thought about my MX-5 for perhaps a whole 24 hours. Strangely enough, there was one car I did see just as we were leaving that made me snap out of my stupor and come back down to earth.

This dude was cranking some good fitment, a few Fatlace stickers and was driving around with a huge Japanese flag in tow! I have to admit that the sight of this brought a smile to my face and I couldn’t resist grabbing a quick shot as we drove past. Feeling ever so slightly guilty, I reminded myself to get my priorities sorted. That Cadillac is just going to have to wait a couple more decades before it makes it’s debut in my garage!!!

Be sure to check out the iheartstance Facebook page for the full collection of images from this event.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

coming soon - beach hop photos!

I got some great shots at Beach Hop this year and I'll be posting them up in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

370z gets cool

When I first saw pictures of the 370z I will admit that I was a bit disappointed. The strange tweaks made to the exterior of the car just didn't do anything for me at all! Some of the best features of the 350z in my opinion had been changed and I just found the overall look of it to be nowhere near as sleek and sexy. Only very recently have my views started to turn around and I thought I would share some pictures that I've come across that have begun to persuade me in the opposite direction...

I love the Amuse body kit. On second thoughts, I think I'd totally own one of these...