Monday, May 30, 2011

that's racing!

This weekend really opened my eyes up just that little bit further to the reality of what life as an automotive enthusiast is really all about. So far I've already learnt the first big lesson when it comes to cars: nothing's ever easy. Over the weekend I learnt my second big lesson, which is that things break. I can't tell you how many times after I explained to someone what had happened to my car, their reply was (with a shrug) "Well, that's racing!"

The Auckland Motorsport track day on Sunday really gave us the incentive we needed to get things done on my car, and some serious progress got underway. On Saturday we spent the day down at Pat's Garage getting the Miatasaurus in shape for it's first day on the track.

Our first task was removing the original seats and installing my Bride Pros in their place. This was no easy task, especially because of how small the car is - the new seats are considerably wider.

Luckily Patrick was able to make my new seats fit perfectly, and they can still be adjusted backwards and forwards which is a bonus - my boyfriend has way longer legs than me! It really sounds like a simple task, but this took him just under 10 hours to complete, (Lesson #1: Nothing's ever easy). During this time we also got the harnesses in and mounted my side mirrors to the doors.

After a late night at the workshop we were really excited to get out on Sunday and test the car out on the track. I was a bit nervous as it was going to be the first time I had ever driven on a track before, so Pedey took me out first. The car felt awesome, it handles so well and the Bride seats are so comfortable! Everything was running fine until about halfway through the third lap when the car suddenly lost power steering and started to overheat. We quickly pulled into the pits and popped the hood to find that both fan belts had derailed, causing the powersteering and water pump to fail. We both stood there scratching our heads for a while as we waited for it to cool down, and when Patrick had a look at it he was able to figure out that one of the belts was actually slightly too big and this was probably what caused it to come off. Thankfully both belts were still intact in the engine bay and he was able to put them back on for the drive home. Needless to say though, the Miatasaurus was finished for the day, (Lesson #2: Things break).

I couldn't help but feel disappointed, it was meant to be my day to drive but I guess that it just wasn't meant to be. Once I had accepted that I wasn't going to get my turn behind the wheel, I planned to focus on taking some photos to pass the day instead and was horrified when I went to take the first shot of the day - my 5D was broken. I felt a pang of nausea as I sat there on the gravel with the two things I own of any monetary value sitting in front of me, dead. It was one thing that my car had broken down, but my camera too? Things couldn't get any worse!

Last night when I got home (after a few wines were consumed) my friend Matt posted up a few photos of my car on to the iheartstance Facebook page.

I really love this photo. It made me realise that the day wasn't a complete failure after all, because my car really is starting to look awesome! It may not be as low as I'd like it yet and it may not have the perfect paint-job, but it's really got character! And although there's a lot of girly elements going on I feel as if the cage and the Bride seats add just the right amount of tough to balance it out. I'm really happy with it and seeing this shot finally made me feel like all the hard work and money spent over the last few months is starting to pay off!

Although this weekend definitely had its ups and downs, I feel like I've learnt a lot from it. As they say, that's racing!

Thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback the car has been getting and a huge thanks to Patrick from Waikowhai Automotive - the car wouldn't even exist without him :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

may update

Last weekend we moved into a new house and our internet hasn't been connected yet so I apologise for the lack of updates. Would you believe it takes them 5 days to get your internet connected here? Seems pretty slack! Anyway only one day to go... in the mean time I have a few photos I thought I would share with you during this brief stint I have using my laptop at work.

Things have been going well with my MX-5, just plodding along and slowly but surely making progress. On Wednesday night we re-fitted my bolt in half cage as the sides of it were in the way of where my hard-top clips on.

Pedey took this picture while I was up on the hoist - I like how it makes me look like I'm doing work but really I was grumpy because I wasn't strong enough to do something... haha!

I've had a few people send me in some photos lately so I thought I'd post some up. This VW Jetta belongs to Brieanna from British Columbia - check the sticker on the rear windscreen!

I'm so loving her stance!

Vash sent me this photo of his Altezza.

You might remember a post I did recently about Guardworks. John recently sent me a few shots of his latest project, this EF Civic.

It now has a new sticker...

... and so does John's guard roller - love it!

Since posting a picture of a new sticker sample I had printed a while ago I've had a crazy amount of emails from readers asking when they will be available for purchase. I also had a few people comment on the use of the English "I" at the beginning so I've changed it around a little bit, what do you guys think? I can't read Japanese myself but a friend who is fluent helped me out :)

They will be die-cut stickers similar to the original stickers. Hopefully I will be able to get these printed within the next few weeks so stay watching as I have a feeling they will disappear really quick once they are up on the online store.

This Sunday I'll be heading down to Hampton Downs Raceway to test out my MX-5 on the track, which I might add will be my first time driving on a track so I'm a bit nervous (I'm bound to do something embarrassing!) but mainly I'm excited! The track session is being held by Auckland Motorsport and you can check out more information here. If you're thinking of coming along, spectators are free too. See you there!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

the dream

Too perfect not to post...

Photos by:
Huey Le and Jordan Donnelly - V2Lab

Thursday, May 19, 2011

almost there...

Yesterday I found an old piece of paper in my handbag listing all the things that I wanted to do to my car. I grabbed a pen and began to tick off everything I've done so far and was quite surprised at how many things I could cross off the list - over half! Now that I have my seats, there are only a few more things left to do before I can call the car 'finished'.

Last week my awesome flatmate and my super awesome boyfriend worked hard to get my half cage fitted and I am really happy with it! Thank-you so much guys! The hard-top only just fits over it which is really lucky. They put my rear lip on for me too. I loooooove it!

I also picked up some cheap harnesses thanks to a kind Facebook friend - thanks Scott! They don't look the best next to my Brides but they will certainly do the trick until I can afford some sweet Takatas. When we put the cage in it made the factory seatbelts quite difficult to get on, so it was lucky I found the harnesses when I did.

I managed (after ten minutes or so of umm-ing and ahh-ing over how to actually do it!) to pull out my dash surround and centre console to cover them in some of my stickers. I've really built up quite a collection and it seemed a shame to see them just sitting there on my floor so I decided to finally put them to good use. The only problem was that I sort of underestimated how many I would need and didn't end up having enough! My centre console will have to wait until new stickers arrive for it.

I did get this Illest lanyard and Slammed Society/Fatlace stickers today though! They are cool as. I also got these V2Lab stickers a while ago (thought I'd include them in the photo - I love the sparkly one!) I think I may be addicted to buying stickers...

The only things left to do to my car now are having my seats and harnesses put in, my cage and hard-top painted and then having some new tophats made so that the car can go a bit lower. So far I haven't got any plans for the engine but to be honest, more power isn't really my priority at the moment. I'm a beginner driver and I really want to gain more confidence behind the wheel and focus on improving my driving skills before I look into that side of things. I plan on taking things slow and just enjoying the car, getting it as low as possible and having fun. I love the idea of throwing a 13B in there but I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that yet! Who knows though, maybe one day :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Z lust

Photo from Speedhunters

I honestly hate the orange/bronze colour these cars come in, so when I see one that makes me drool it really has to have had something awesome done to it. I'm such a huge fan of concave rims and the ridiculous front lip looks awesome! Very much looking forward to more photos of this on Speedhunters.

Monday, May 16, 2011

winter wishlist

Probably the strangest wishlist ever.

1. Fatlace gear from Fatlace Emporium
2. Holga 120GCFN camera -
3. Jeffrey Campbell Lita from Solestruck
4. Takata Harnesses -
5. Blazer Hi Liberty Nikes from Qubicstore
6. Katy Perry Black Shatter by O.P.I. -
7. House Of Holland For Pretty Polly Super Suspender from Asos

Sunday, May 15, 2011

my new seats!

On Friday my new seats arrived! I've been glued to them ever since...

They are Bride Pros :)

I took the passenger seat out of my car this afternoon to see the difference in size and weight, the original seat is so much heavier, it's crazy. The Brides appear to be a bit bigger in size too but hopefully the internet hasn't failed me as supposedly they are meant to fit perfectly. I'll be puting them in the MX-5 hopefully later this week!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

turning japanese!

I've been thinking about getting more of these printed to sell on the online store. What do you guys think? It means "i love stance" ;)

Thank-you Mark, Lance and Aaron for making it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A few more images of Mad Mike's FD. No matter how many times I see this car it never gets less exciting. It just looks and sounds so bad ass, even more so now with the new engine!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

caption comp!

For those of you that have ordered iheartstance decals, you will have seen our note requesting for you guys to post in your photos of where you chose to put your iheartstance sticker. This photo is definitely our favourite so far!

Leave a comment on this post and I'll send out a sticker pack (might have some spare Fatlace stickers I can throw in too) to the person with the funniest caption! Winner will be decided in a weeks time.

And... go!

Monday, May 9, 2011

high octane on hampton

On Sunday we cruised down to Hampton Downs to check out Rally New Zealand’s High Octane on Hampton event. As well as the Gymkhana competition, D1NZ drift demo and bikini model comp, I was excited to see some of the cars that had come to park-up as I knew there would be a few worthy of being posted on here. I wasn’t disappointed!

I've always really liked this Golf but I've only ever seen it before at night. I never realised the deep purple wheels were Work VSs - sweet!

Kat Benson and her Burger Fuel GSR. Sweet sticker Kat!

Damian from CJC recently got this set of 15x8 Work Meisters for his Integra. Loving the customised 'JERK' stickers!

I fell in love with this RX-7 after 4 & Rotary Nationals earlier this year. The CCW Classics (which are likely to be the only set in New Zealand?) look amazing and are fitted so nicely. I was super stoked to be able to get some nice photos of it.

This left hook M3 on SSR Professors was so cool!

We sat by the fence to check out some of the drifting too which is always entertaining especially when drivers such as Mad Mike and Hugo Maclean are out on the track.

Hugo's lack of bodykit was made up by his sick wheel fitment!

Mike's new quad rotor set-up sounds amazing in person!

I got to go out for a slide with Bruce Tannock in his S13 too which was so much fun, I had forgotten how exciting going sideways in a fast car is! Check out this awesome photo from Mark Curran of Bruce’s car in action...

Awesome photo Mark! I really need to invest in a new lens so I can start getting shots like this!

After walking around Hampton for a good 5 hours yesterday my legs are so sore today, how seriously unfit am I!? Apart from that I had an awesome time, but it did make me a little sad to think that at this event last year, I took my bB out for the first time to an event.

Good times! I can’t wait until my MX-5 is finished so I can start taking it out to events like this. At least my new car won’t be limited to the car park and will be able to get some track time too!