Monday, October 31, 2011

the cyborg project

About a year and a half ago, my partner took his car across the road to a workshop called Waikowhai Automotive. Little did we know that this action would lead to a wonderful friendship with a talented mechanic and all-round good sort, Patrick. Pat has lived with us for over a year now and during this time we have been eagerly following his progress on his ’87 Cyborg project. I know that a lot of people reading this might not think it’s that special, but I just think it’s one of the most awesome project cars I’ve ever seen. A lot of love has gone into this build and I'm excited to be able to finally share some photos on here of the finished results!

Pat's car is particularly special to him because it was, and still is his first car. He has many fond memories of the Cyborg from his teenage years which is pretty awesome. Since then he has taken the skills he has learned over the time he has studied to become a qualified mechanic to completely take the car apart and rebuild pretty much everything.

See what I mean?

This is what the car looked like around the time I met Pat...

...and since then we have really encouraged him to get the car finished!

We've had a bit of fun helping him too.

In the last few months, Pat has finished his engine rebuild and installed his suspension as well as acquiring new wheels and a few other bits and pieces.

This month, the final touches were finally put in place, the last of which being a beautiful coat of paint from Grant over at GTRefinishers. Pat ended up choosing this stunning Chrysler grey/taupe colour...

His SSR Longchamps have been painted black with a green dish to match his engine bay too.

Patrick celebrated last weekend by meeting up with a couple of other Cyborg owners so I took a few photos for him. It's so great to see the 'borg out and about and most of all seeing Pat enjoying the years of hard work that have finally paid off. Good work Patrick!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

4 & rotary supershow

On Saturday we went down to check out the annual 4 and Rotary Supershow held at the Telstra Clear centre in Manukau. I’ve never been to the Supershow before so I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but by the time I left for the day I’ll admit I had a pretty big smile on my face!

There were 3 things in particular that brought this on, the first of which was seeing these two amazing slammed and BBS-ed out rides roll up together! Toni’s old school Maserati takes girl stance to a whole new level...

Most of you will know Toni for her infamous Louis Vuitton themed Lexus V8-powered Mercedes show car! Her latest project is something a lot more simple, but I have to say I love it just as much, if not more!

The Maserati 420 sits on custom Bilstein suspension and Toni has recently acquired the perfect wheels to go along with it; a set of beautiful BBS RSs.

Dale’s sick Jetta also sits on BBS RSs, the fitment of which is on point. I've also been told that the two cars are boyfriend and girlfriend! They make a very cool pair, that's for sure.

The second thing was this immaculate EP3 Type R. I was so excited when I heard that a car was rocking pink wheels, and when I went over to take a look I was stoked to see the pink-centred BBS LMs!

What’s even more exciting is that I later found out the owner is female!

Laura (the owner) even had these wheels reconditioned and painted in the metallic pink. So awesome!

Lastly, this dope notchback Levin was just the icing on the cake for me.

When I spotted it parked up behind the drifting area I had to go over and get a better look. The Superlite rims, insane tyre stretch and enormous bubble shift knob – this is my kind of 86.

A friend who knows the owner told me that he is yet to drop the car still...

Wow. If the owner is reading this, I would love to get some photos of it once it’s finished!

CJC had a small presence but still enough to leave a lasting impression as always. Very proud to be a member of the crew!

There were a few other cars that caught my eye too...


Leon's Evo is back and looking new and cleaner than ever!

This 20B powered Mazda Luce is really starting to grow on me. I really love this style.

Mz Kat's dropped Aristo...

...repping an iheartstance decal!

Kat Benson's Burgerfuel GSR is always a hit with the crowd. It was sounding pretty loud too, but the noise wasn't coming from under the hood this time - Kat's new sound system was booming some sweet tunes instead!

Cole Armstrong's new Skyline was revealed; the chosen R34 chassis has one major difference - 4 doors! It's great to see Cole back in action with a new car after his devastating accident at Eastern Creek Raceway back in September (you can read the post here on Speedhunters). Looking forward to seeing some sideways action from this bad boy in the near future!

Speaking of drift cars, I enjoyed watching the drift demo and although it was only in a small parking area, the drivers still went hard and put on a good show for everyone.

Redline Performance brought along their newly finished 180SX project along too. I like how it’s permanently winking at everyone with only one pop-up light!

Before it was brought into NZ the car appears to have been part of a mountain drifting club in Japan, hence the funny sticker above. Now that's JDM!

As I said before, I definitely left Supershow with a smile on my face. The girl stance overload was one thing, but with summer just around the corner and only 3 months to go before Nationals in January, I’ve got a really strong feeling that there are going to be more and more impressive rides with good wheels and stance making an appearance in the near future. It’s been making me think about having some sort of meet early next year; what do you guys think? With the great style, fitment and ground-scraping ride height that a lot of New Zealand cars have been displaying lately, perhaps there would be enough people interested in making an appearance? Having an iheartstance meet would be my ultimate dream come true!