Tuesday, November 29, 2011

D1NZ round 2 VIP hard park

Here are a few of my favourite shots from the park up at Pukekohe on Saturday...

Classic hachi, very tidy.

Liking the stickerbombing and blacked out light covers.

Simple but very clean Silivia. Loving the strawberry face!

I've always loved this Onevia, not sure who the owner is now though but I'm glad he hasn't messed with it!

CJC reppin'!

Haha, oh Paul!

Matching huffy slider appreciated!

This is a bit crazy, and pretty rough... but I like it.

Enjoy :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

weekend of mayhem!

I've just realised that it's been a whole week since I've posted new content on here - oops! Time has really flown by because for the last week I've been preparing my MX-5 to get repainted. I'm hoping to have the car looking its best by next weekend!

Firstly, on Saturday I went down to Pukekohe and spent the day at Round 2 of the D1NZ Nationals, as well as checking out the VIP park up while I was there. I'll post up some more photos from this over the next few days!

Today however was spent out in west Auckland watching my beautiful baby get repainted thanks to the awesome Ben, who also owns this sick 85 which you may remember me posting about a few weeks back.

This notchback is seriously bad ass! While taking some more shots of the car, all of a sudden... disaster struck!

My camera suddenly malfunctioned, and when I took the lens out I sighed in disappointment as I saw the mirror had detached itself from inside the camera body. A common problem in the EOS 5D apparently, which really sucks for me with the NZPC Hardpark & Swapmeet and the NZPC vs. NZV8 NAC Insurance drag combat coming up next weekend!

Moving on from my depressing camera issues, I did get some awesome shots from over the weekend and I'll make sure to post them all up over the next few days on here!

Monday, November 21, 2011

old skool rydz birthday

As much as I love Japanese cars, I can easily admit that when I’m caught up in the world of classic American cars, they tend to fall to the back of my mind pretty quickly. When you ride in a car like this, it’s an experience like no other. The smell of the old interior, the touch of the smooth plush leather seats against your skin, the sound of the V8 engine roaring from underneath the enormous bonnet, the sight of everyone staring at you and kids waving and pointing at you from the side of the road...

Yesterday I found myself cruising along the highway, my hair going crazy in the wind as I sat in a friend’s ’67 rag top Chevy Impala. We were driving side by side with my partner’s ’67 Impala Fastback, both cars rolling low on static. Such an awesome feeling!

Old Skool Rydz Lowrider club had their 11th birthday on the weekend, and so we went along and met up with some of the guys and went for a cruise. We started off out at Eastern Beach and convoyed over to Mission Bay.

Another thing I love about these cars is the fine attention to detail that goes into them. From the stitching on the seats, the chrome trim and embellishments, even the seat belt fittings - it’s just not like anything you would see on a modern day vehicle.

The detailed chrome trim on this ’93 Cady is pretty amazing.

A policeman pulled up but he didn’t want to hassle us, he just wanted to join in and talk cars! It's a shame that our police generally don't have this additude towards the import scene too. 

Thanks OSR for inviting us along! Can’t wait to cruise again once summer gets here.

Photos by Taryn Croucher and Peter Kelly. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

american beauty

Click to enlarge image

Just had to share this shot of my favourite Old Skool Rydz car - this amazing Cadillac Eldorado. More photos from the OSR birthday cruise to come :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

more progress

A big thanks to my MX-5 buddies that have helped me out with these new cool bits for my car - polished rocker cover + intake manifold from Luke and new tophats from Cole. Thanks so much guys!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

mucking in

The past week has been particularly exciting for me as progress on the MX-5 is picking up the pace, and I've now got my heart set on exactly how I want it to look. One of the things I've never been happy with is the paint, which being twenty years old isn't exactly as flash as it once was. Although it may look nice in photos, up close it has quite a few imperfections - mainly cracks and scratches. I'd always just accepted that I'd never be able to afford to do anything about it, so I was really excited to find out that some awesome, amazing friends are going to help me fix up the few flaws and give the body a basic respray!

Tonight I started sanding back the clear coat in preparation for the new paint. Obviously it's not going to be of showcar standard or anything, but it's certainly going to be a vast improvement from before! Let's be honest here, as a learner I'm most likely going to bash it into a tyre wall at some point anyway. This car isn't just for hardparking!

Goodbye nice manicure!

I can't wait to share more updates on here as things are getting done. In less than two weeks I'm hoping to have the car looking it's best!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

sunday stance fix

Mayday Garage
David Tormey