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Favourite 86/FR-S/BRZ builds of 2012

There’s no doubt that the Toyota 86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ has been the most talked about new car of 2012! I've been following (and drooling) over so many rad 86 builds this year, so I thought I'd put together a little post of my favourite 86/FR-S/BRZ cars and the reasons why I like them!

10. The NAC Insurance/Performance Car Toyota 86 - New Zealand

I think that the NAC/Performance Car 86 deserves a special mention in here, mainly because it's the coolest looking 86 in New Zealand so far! The team at NZPC chose to spoil the 86 with a huge selection of aftermarket goodies; they've added a TRD front lip, side skirts and spoiler, Enkei wheels and Cusco coilovers - the list goes on. But the best part is that NAC are cool enough to actually give the car away to someone next year! Best. Prize. Ever.

Photo by Rod Chong for Speedhunters

9. Fredric Aasbo's Toyota '86-X' - Norway

Dubbed 'Project 86X', Fredric's car (backed by Toyota Norway and Speedhunters) was the world's first 2JZ-powered GT86 drift car, and also the first to wear the highly anticipated Rocket Bunny kit for the new chassis! Everything about the car screams functionality, but with the rad competition livery, wide-body kit and super low offset wheels it looks so sinister out on the track too! Overall I think it has a really good balance of style and function.

Photo by David Do for Mayday Garage

8. Chris Basselgia's bagged Scion FR-S - USA

Winner of the Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge at SEMA this year, Chris Basselgia's 'mint chocolate chip' FR-S didn't stand out to me at first, but when I saw a full feature of the car online I began to appreciate it for all the attention to detail that has gone into it. I'll also admit that at first I thought the 19-inch Rotiform SNA wheels looked too big, but they've grown on me. The fact that it runs a custom one-off Eaton based supercharger is also pretty rad. Check out the feature here on Mayday Garage - the combination of stunning photography and that killer spec-list is awesome!

Photo by Mike Burroughs for StanceWorks

7. Ken Gushi's Scion FR-S - USA

Ken Gushi's turbocharged GReddy/Scion Racing FR-S looks so good sideways and I've really enjoyed watching coverage of the car competing in this year's Formula D battles. I love the livery and the Rays Gram Lights, plus the Cosworth-built Subaru EJ25 makes around 600hp, which is just a bit more impressive than your standard 4UGSE! I'm excited to see his car in person next year when we check out the first round of Formula D in Long  Beach!

Photo by Noel Barnum for Canibeat

6. Noel Barnum's bagged Scion FR-S - USA

From here onwards it's really hard for me to decide which of these cars I like the most! But something about Noel Barnum's FR-S is just so drool-worthy I have to include it as #6! To be more specific, I just think this is such a great example of how good these cars can look with a few simple changes. A 5Axis aero kit enhances the lines of the body of the car nicely, and the gold SSR reverse Formula Mesh wheels contrast so well against the red paint. I'd love to know the actual wheels specs(?) but personally I think they are the perfect size and offset - god it looks good when the car is aired out! I really love the Formula Mesh wheels, but Noel has since upgraded to a new wheel set-up which is also pretty sick - check it out here!

Photo by Andrew Ritter for StanceWorks

5. The Rotiform Scion FR-S - USA

Rotiform was quick to hop on the FR-S bandwagon to woo at SEMA with their impression of how the new chassis should look and more importantly, how it should sit. Their bagged version of the FR-S definitely has the most on-point fitment I've seen! Their beautiful 18x9.5 and 18x10.5-inch TMB wheels are such a good match for the ZN6 chassis - it's cool just how many different styles of wheels look so good on these cars! A 3M wrap in a matte metallic blue gives the FR-S even more of a unique look, and they've even taken it a step further and added a Vortech supercharger kit to give the car a bit of extra oomph from under the hood too. 

Photo from Garage FR-S

4. The Garage FR-S build - USA

 A collaborative project by the staff at Import Tuner, Modified and Superstreet magazines, the Garage FR-S build definitely stands out to me with it's aggressive stance and all-round awesomeness. I'm not shy to hide the fact that I love the Rocket Bunny kit on these cars and you'll see that my Top 4 are all wearing TRA Kyoto. The other weird thing that I just realised while writing this is that my favourite cars that I've chosen also all wear the trunk-mounted GT-wing (this is an optional extra with the kit), which is weird because I've never been a fan of big wings, but I don't think that any of these cars would look as good without them! I think it's because the style of the wing with the brackets and exposed bolts of the trunk looks so aggressive and works with the overall theme of the body kit so well.

But back to this particular car, I love the custom British Racing Green paint because it's such an unusual choice, and the 3-piece forged BBS E88 wheels look super tough wrapped in full slicks. It also now runs an HKS GT Supercharger kit too, which is pretty bad-ass!

Photos from Fatlace

3. The Fatlace Scion FR-S - USA

Fatlace never disappoint when they set out to build a project car, and their Scion FR-S build is definitely no exception! I really like how this car and their BenSopra GT-R wore matching livery for SEMA and again I love the Rocket Bunny kit, with those big Rays TE37SLs with full slicks sticking out from under the fenders. So tough! The FR-S also features a Vortex Supercharger and special edition Illest x Bride seats.

And in case you hadn't seen it without the livery, here is a quick photo. Wow!

Photo by Alexi for NoriYaro

2. Imai-san's Subaru BRZ (BeeR) - Japan

It took me a little while to realise that this yellow Rocket Bunny BRZ was in fact the same car that I'd seen in this video back when it was blue with the black fenders. The ZC6 is owned and driven by Imai-san of BeeR (Power Builder Bee Racing) in Japan, and is his personal ongoing drift car project. The BRZ now has a new striking yellow paint job and an 86-front end swap - make sure to click the link the video if you haven't already watched it as it explains a bit more about the build. I can’t wait to see footage of this car getting sideways on the racing circuits in Japan!

Photo by Luke Huxham for Maiham Media

A quick photo of the BRZ pre-yellow paint. Uhhhhh.

Photo by Dino Dalle Carbonare for Speedhunters

1. Miura-san's Scion FR-S (Rocket Bunny) - Japan

The weird thing is, this FR-S is perhaps the least modified car out of my choices. But this car isn't my favourite because of how long and impressive its spec-list is, it's more the feeling that it gives me. You must know what I mean - that warm, fuzzy feeling when you see a car that you really love. I don't know what to call it! Just check out this video and perhaps you might feel it too. The concave Enkei RS05RRs look so good with the aggressive Bunny kit, and I love the detailing on the sides of the big wing too. But maybe the coolest thing is that the street-registered FR-S is owned by Kei Miura himself, the man behind TRA Kyoto and Rocket Bunny. I think that perhaps this is another reason why I have so much respect for this particular FR-S. I can only imagine the presence that this car has in real life, and I am hoping (like, soooooo bad) that I might get the chance to see it for myself in Japan next year.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my opinions on what I think to be the coolest 86s from around the world! I'd love to know which 86/FR-S/BRZ build you love and why, so feel free to drop a comment!

- Taryn x

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Summer is here!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Goodbye EFI, hello carbs!

Now that we have the exterior of our Z project looking the part, the time has come to address a few other problems that need fixing before we can get the car certified and road legal. Although the L28 was running prior to its stay at GT Refinishers earlier this month, unfortunately it failed to start once it was parked back up in the garage! The ancient Bosch Jetronic fuel injection system had given us problems before, and it looked like it was doing it again - the more we looked into diagnosing the problem, the more tired and broken parts we kept finding. Would it even be worth fixing? After all a cert plate shows either fuel injection or carb, and we were also always planning on switching to triple carbs and a high-compression motor rebuild next year. If we got the car certified now we would have to get it re-certified again (in theory, anyway) when we did this. It suddenly made a lot more sense to switch to carbs now rather than later, to get the engine running again (reliably!) and save us money down the track.

After a bit of research, it seemed like early round top twin SU carbs would be the way to go for now, and thankfully our friend Mikey had just pulled out a set when he took the L24 out of his 240z, and agreed to sell them to us. It was a pretty simple switch over - gaskets, fuel pump, fuel filter and a few other bits and pieces. Though the aftermarket headers we already had were hitting the bottom of the carbs to start with, amongst a few other issues.

It's amazing that the manifolds and carbs bolt straight up and after a bit of messing round with a few bizarre problems (a sensor in the airflow meter tells the fuel pump to run, for example!) it fired straight up.

A quick drive around the block showed that it both idles and drives perfectly fine, which seems crazy! We will get the carbs tuned properly of course once the car is back on the road to make sure it's not running too lean, but for now, we're just happy it's moveable!

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Your journey, our collective passion

In continuation from previous posts The end of an era and The evolution of iheartstance

2012 has been one crazy year. 

When you write a blog and share it with the world, one thing you start to slowly realise is that it isn’t just your blog anymore. It may be written by you, it may be about your life and you may own the domain name, but it isn’t just yours. It also belongs to those people - your readers, whether an audience of 50 or 50,000 people – it belongs to every single one of them as well as you.

Over the last couple of years iheartstance has become my identity and my name. It's the first thing people think when they see my car, when they see me. The truth is that I do and always will heart stance; I love the way a car sits with what I believe to be the right wheel choice, ride height and body modifications. These are all things that I am passionate about. But I feel as if the word 'stance' has gradually become disassociated from the actual meaning of the word itself. I'm also passionate about having a point of difference, and being original is something that matters to me. Being categorised with a million other websites with a similar name is not really something that appeals to me at all. But as I've said, this has now become my identity.

Instead of focusing on the word stance, I think that people should take note of the meaning behind it. I think the word itself is a trend, and trends always change. ‘Movements' move on. But what stays behind? Well, that's up to you – it’s up to all of us. I've found that as I learn more about cars and automotive culture, the things that I consider 'cool' are constantly changing. As individuals, our paths are all different, and because of this our tastes and likes will also be different. Throughout my journey I’ve not only discovered things that I do and don’t like, but I’ve also gained the experience to give reason as to why I prefer this over that.

What have I learned from my experiences so far?

I've developed a huge amount of respect and appreciation for the Japanese tuning industry, older nostalgic Japanese vehicles especially. The Nissan/Datsun S30 would have to be my favourite old school chassis, and it almost gives me shivers thinking about how AWESOME my very own S30 is going to look once it is completed! 

Photo from

One day I’d also love to own a Kenmeri (C110) or a Hakosuka (C10) Skyline, but for now - one car at a time!

Photo from Speedhunters

As my obsession with wheels has developed I’ve learned quite a bit about them – different makes and reputable brands, suitability to the vehicle, correct size and offset, wheel gap (or lack of) and camber are all important to me. As I’ve learnt more about wheels I’ve grown to love old school/vintage Japanese wheels, Hayashi, SSR/Speedstar, and Work wheels in particular. I still have a lot to learn though.

For those people who haven’t followed this blog from day one, let me start from the beginning and explain how I’ve got to this point. My journey started with the internet, where influences from the USDM scene caught my attention.

Photo by Phaze2

What did I see when I looked at this photo? A cute daily driver with character would probably sum it up the best. And so my new love for slammed Scion xBs with roof racks blossomed, and I set my mind on acquiring one and slapping on some wheels, suspension and a roof rack as soon as possible.

From the moment I started modifying my bB, nothing came easy. The struts I purchased didn’t fit, the spacers didn’t fit – it was all basic stuff but it was still frustrating! After that I remember people saying to me (and these words will always stick in my head), “If it was easy, everybody would do it” and “Welcome to cars!”

Ahh… so it was meant to be a challenge!

Around this time my partner announced ‘I’ve had enough of wasting money on modifying new cars!” and decided to buy a beautiful classic 1967 Cadillac Coupe Deville. I had never seen anything like it before! We went to classic car meets and discovered Beach Hop for the first time, and we soon fell in love with classic American cars. I was fascinated especially by the styling from the 50s and 60s, the big tail fins, detailed interiors and oversized bodies. After selling the Cadillac it also taught me the lesson that classic cars don’t depreciate in value.

Meanwhile with my bB, I began to search for a set of wheels within my price range, and I saw a set of 15" ‘OG old school' rims which I went ahead and purchased. After reading around on the internet I soon discovered that these were a cheaper replica design of another wheel, and I didn't like that. In fact, nobody even pointed this out to me at the time, which seems weird. Maybe it was because I was a girl and they didn’t want to offend me! Either way, I didn't know what a 'fake' wheel was. The fact was that they were a direct rip-off of another (more expensive) design of wheel, the Work Equip 03. For me, I didn’t like that a company was producing a product that was pretending to be something it wasn’t. I felt a bit stupid, like they had tricked me. From this point onwards I started learning more about Japanese wheels and other wheels in general.

Soon after this I also came to the realisation that the bB couldn’t go any lower without getting stuck driving into my work parking building every day, and that was the deal breaker for me. Aftermarket parts could only be imported from overseas and were expensive. At that point I knew that if I really wanted to take things to the ‘next level’ of awesomeness, I was going to have to own two cars. One for the purpose of daily driving, and one as a project car. Enter, the Miatasaurus! 

Photo from

I drew initial inspiration from this RX-7 after reading a feature on StanceWorks. I loved how it was so unique looking; I loved how it had purpose. After this I knew what I wanted from my project car - I wanted something that reflected my own personality, but I also wanted something nimble and lightweight; ideal for developing further skills behind the wheel, not just for looking good. I wanted a vehicle that could be easily modified with plenty of available aftermarket support, and I wanted something that could go super low, and something that I could have a lot of fun with. Something that could be a bit girly but also have the potential to be bad-ass. I decided that a caged MX-5 convertible would be the way to go!

Somewhere in between working on the MX-5, blogging and driving, I found out about the cartoon series Initial D and became totally addicted. It might sound a bit silly but it completely changed how I looked at the car scene. I became more interested in drifting as a sport; and I also became more interested in Japanese cars and the history behind them. Soon opportunity came knocking, and I found myself on a plane bound for the land of the rising run, where some crazy adventures went down! The part of my trip that had the biggest impact on me was the day I spent out at Tsukuba Circuit and watching the cars race in the Idlers games.


All the things I’d seen on the internet I’d drawn visual inspiration from, however physically being in this environment in Japan surrounded by these incredible machines was a new kind of inspiration for me. There was an MX5 class racing that day and I found myself in awe of the little convertibles zooming around the circuit – some of them damn fast too!


From that point onwards I felt differently about my MX5, I understood the car better – I understood its purpose, I felt more connected to my car. 

I enjoyed being in the driver’s seat more than I did before.

While I was busy modifying my MX-5 and throwing myself head-first into all things JDM, I also got to watch as my partner went through the process of restoring an old 1967 Chevrolet. He took the car and transformed it from an old rusty hunk of metal into the most beautiful and pristine example of an Impala that I’ve ever seen (of that year anyway). Seeing the car go through that transformation from something ordinary to something extraordinary really inspired me, especially seeing how all of the hard work and careful thought that went into the build process has now paid off. Having such a unique looking car that you can have so much fun cruising around in and have so many other people share your love for it with you – that’s something special. It made me realise that I really liked the idea of ‘being responsible’ for restoring a classic car like that.

But my heart lay within the chassis of a Japanese classic, not American. Although I knew that one day I was going to own a Z car ‘when the right one popped up’ I had no idea that day was going to come so soon. When I saw the listing for it online I knew that it was meant to be… It didn’t have the 240z badge I’d been dreaming of, but that didn’t matter to me. Something about this car in particular felt right – I could see the potential and my mind had already gone into overdrive thinking about all the amazing things I wanted to do to it! I had to make a very quick decision about buying it, and I knew that I could only afford to have one project car in my life at this point in time. I knew that once I made that decision there was no turning back…

Unfortunately, the consequences of this decision have now caught up with me. I’m sad to say that today my MX-5 was sold to a new owner. Did I get a lump in my throat when I handed over the keys? Yes. But do I regret letting go of my beloved car? Yes… and no.

My MX-5 wasn’t a car that I modified to ‘show off’ and become an ‘internet success’ if you would call it that. My MX-5 was part of my journey, my path of discovery, my life – which has changed considerably because of my time behind its little steering wheel. The Miatasaurus was just another stage of my journey in discovering my own automotive passion, and perhaps it helped me realise the most important thing of all.

Our journeys may all be different, but if two people both love cars then I believe that we should still be able to be classed in the same category. The word ‘stance’ might always be a part of who I am and what I like. But it doesn’t define my blog, and it doesn’t define what is ‘cool’. Cool is whatever you like. What you love. Whatever YOU think looks good.

So I ask you, take time out to think why you like what you do like and the reason behind why. Don’t follow what everyone does just for the sake of it, have an informed opinion. If you don’t agree with something that someone else has done to their car, STOP and think about what you see. This person has had their own automotive journey and they have their own tastes and reasons behind what they like, just like me.

If your tastes and likes are similar to mine, then that’s great! But if not, keep an open mind. Respect other automotive enthusiasts, and respect our collective passion. 

“Let’s all join together with positive energy, desires and dreams. If everyone could share these feelings together we could have a wonderful life with cars” - Kato-san from Liberty Walk.

So here's to new beginnings, new dreams and new chapters. The Miatasaurus is gone; but I believe that all things happen for a reason. The S30z is just the next chapter in my journey, and I'm excited to find out where it's about to take me.

To conclude this update for 2012, I wanted to share a few of the messages and emails I’ve received from some of my readers throughout the time I’ve owned the Miatasaurus. Although it is sad letting go of a car that I have formed such a close bond with, reading some of your thoughtful and positive messages makes me feel like the last two years have truly been worth it!

Hey Taryn!

I just wanted to say thank-you for finally getting me interested in cars! My boyfriend has been trying to get me to share his interest in them for over a year now and I just really didn't get it until he showed me your blog! I was absolutely fascinated by your car because it's so pretty and just amazing! Now my aim is to one day have a car as awesome as yours; my boyfriend’s a mechanic too so I’m sure that will help.grin So thanks for finally showing me that cars are actually really interesting! 

Hi iheartstance!
I just wanted to say that your Miata is sick and I’m glad there’s another blonde girl who had no idea what she was doing, but then fell in love with a Miata and cars in general and wasn’t scared to get in there! It’s great what you’re doing!

Hey Taryn,

I have been a huge fan of your efforts and your blog. I have recently started following you on Instagram and look forward to seeing more of your efforts on your Miata. It's great what you are doing for the NZ stance/flush fitment scene. I'm here in Canada and at my local meets in Toronto I have introduced my blog to some of my friends. Even the girls I hang out with are so impressed with your work and now finally showing interest in my Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hi Taryn,

I'm from the United States and your Miata is one of a few that inspired me to get one as a first car. Thanks so much!

Hey Taryn,

I didn't realise but my 6 year old daughter has been reading your blog on my computer. She thinks you’re really great and asked me if I could get her an iheartstance sticker for her. She knows all about your trip to Japan and everything. I’m so proud she is reading your blog while on my computer rather than reading about Barbie etc. I think you've inspired a future stance queen!

Hi Taryn!

I just wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to girls (and guys for that matter) out there. My family has always been involved in racing so I’ve been around cars my whole life; and your website has let me see a whole new perspective and I LOVE IT. So I just wanted to say thank you, I love reading your site, reading about everything I love. Your posts have opened my eyes to a whole new world. Your latest blog post ‘the evolution of iheartstance’ is definitely one of my all-time favourites; it shows how much you have grown with everything from the Miata to your blog. Basically what I am trying to say is that it’s so refreshing reading your blog and knowing that there are some girls in the scene too! I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for you, your blog and the Miata. 

Thank-you and congratulations on the success of iheartstance.

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Low Dreams chapter

I'm really excited to release a new line of stickers which are now available for purchase on my online store!


Low Dreams  Fitment Queens is an extension of the name and brand that iheartstance has become, and I think it's something that my female readers who share my love for wheel fitment and low dreams can relate to. If you're a rad babe into slammed cars, cool wheels and low offset, these stickers are a must have!


They are available in two colours, the first is oil chrome which is like a reflective silver that shines rainbow colours in the light.


The other is gold sparkle, which is super glittery and looks amazing when is sparkles in the sun!


To cater to my non-female audience, I've also had a new batch of iheartstance glitter stickers made up, these are in a black glitter vinyl that appears plain black on your car, but sparkles rainbow in the light too. If you aren't into the whole fluro/colourful stickers thing, these ones are a bit more subtle.

Thanks so much for your support and I hope you enjoy the new stickers! Head over to the online store HERE if you wish to buy some!

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Speedhunters Guest Post

Is it weird to write a blog post about a blog post? Nah, it isn't.


Last week I was given the opportunity to write a guest post on as part of their Miata/Roadster tribute week. Having written and taken photos for my own car blog over the last two years, it truly is an honour to be able to share my work on such a popular international automotive website that I religiously follow and look up to for inspiration! So far I've been totally blown away by the response it has received, with over 1.3K likes on Facebook and comments still pouring in from around the world. Some of them a little bit creepy... but I guess that's better than negativity!


Speedhunters' NZ Editor Brad Lord also swung by last week to take a few photos of me with the Z, here are a couple of my favourites.


I can't thank Speedhunters enough for giving me the chance to share my story of my MX5/Miata with the world! Welcome to all the new people who have since started following iheartstance and thank-you to everyone who has supported and liked my post on FB. If you haven't yet had a chance to read it, make sure to check it out here.

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More low, more problems!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paint time for the S30 at GT Refinishers

The Datsun is finally home after Grant at GT Refinishers put the final touches on the car last week! Here are a few photos from the paint process...

All ready for the interior and cage to be painted. The spare wheel well and footwells are now rust-free too.

We chose a dark gunmetal grey for the front lip of the g-nose, the fender flares, and the cage. The rear panel (with the tail light surrounds) is painted this colour too.

As well as the interior and cage, we also had to get all of our new parts painted; the g-nose, flares and spoiler, plus we had to have a ding fixed on one of the doors and have the ugly factory wing mirror removed.

We were originally going to paint the cage the same arctic silver as the rest of the car, but at the last minute we decided to go with the gunmetal. I'm glad we did as I really love how it looks in the darker shade.

Here are a couple of quick photos I took today (only iPhone quality sorry). Although we didn't go for a whole body respray (as the car was repainted by the previous owner not too long ago), the whole car seems almost brand new now - it looks so perfect with the freshly painted flares and bumper. I spent most of today sitting in this position on my driveway staring at it. The OEM fender mirrors totally complete the look, and I just can't get over how different the car looks with its sleek new snout. I know that a few people aren't partial to the G-nose but I'm just so in love with it.

Over the next two months we'll work on getting the suspension and brakes sorted and finishing the interior which is still in need of a bit of attention. It feels like we've made so much progress and I'm excited at the thought that we are so close to getting the car road legal. Hopefully that isn't too much of a stressful process, but I guess only time will tell!