Tuesday, January 24, 2012

goodbye pink wats... part 1

It was both a sad and exciting day for me on Sunday. I have to admit that putting that sandpaper to my wheels made me cringe a wee bit at first...

...but as much as I loved my Watanabes in hot pink, I knew it was time to change it up!

Michelle and I prepping the wheels in the garage of Marcus. Thank-you Marcus for letting us use your very manly garage!

Would you trust this guy?

A huge thank-you to Ben who took the time away from getting his dope 323 ready for Nats to paint my wheels and source the paint for me!

In the photo above he is about to put the first coat on. I am really stoked with the finished product and can't wait to show you guys! Come down to the ASB Showgrounds on Saturday and check them out for yourselves. I will give one hint - they definitely aren't blue OR green! Stay tuned for Part 2 to find out more.


  1. So in that last picture he's about to apply a new coat right? The order of those photos is confusing me, looks like he just got done applying the pink. So you just sanded off a top layer of paint in order to put another on? I don't know how it works cause I have never done my own.

    Either way. I'm sure they'll look sick. GL on your Miatasaurus in 2012!

  2. That's right so no new paint has been applied in any of these photos. We have sanded back the top coat and he is about to put on the new colour! Thank-you :)

  3. I know what color. ;)

  4. New colour is amazing!!Going to drop some jaws tomorrow :D

  5. saw you at 4s and rota's, providing i was looking at the right car, not much difference?


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