Sunday, February 12, 2012

4 & Rotary Nationals Show 'n' Shine 2012

The Show 'n' Shine at Nats this year was HUGE! I've only just had the time to sort through my photos now, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites on here...

Fraser's NSX. I had the chance to chat to Fraser and he is a great dude! He's really put a huge amount of effort into this build and I appreciate every aspect of it, very well deserving of all the awards it won! Hopefully one day in the future we will see him up taking it out at the track at Taupo or Hampton Downs.

Paul's showstopping RX-7 build. Everything about this car is so on point, from the fitted CCWs to the immaculate engine bay, prefect interior and sick 13B rebuild. I was happy for him to win best Mazda for the second year in a row!

Kelvin's RX-2 was definitely sporting the most aggressive fitment of the show. The beautiful refurbished SSR Mk2s made me turn a bit green with envy...

...and then I saw the rest of CJC's 'wheel pile'


Running shit.

86Fighters really stepped it up with an impressive collections of 85s and 86s. Love their style - JDM as F*ck!

I've seen a bit of the 'behind the scenes' on this particular build, so I know first hand how deserving Ben and his 323 were of the best wagon award! Sleep wasn't an option until he had every detail perfect for the show. The day before Nats it still didn't have the engine dropped in; the week beforehand he found out his wheels wouldn't be arriving from Japan in time so he went out and bought a new set. Some serious dedication right here!

There was some heavy competition this year for the title of 'best wheels suited to car', but Jackie's time attack EVO took it out with his amazing set of TE-37 SLs. This widebodied monster is one seriously bad-ass track weapon!

I went out and watched the first part of the drift demo but after the first session they decided to cancel it (due to complaints from the noise and smoke) which was quite a shame. It was good while it lasted though!

Apparently there were over 400 entries for the show this year which is a huge increase since 2011! Nats this year has shown us that our scene is definitely still growing and that there is certainly a strong and steady future ahead for us. I can't wait to see what's next in store!


  1. Brilliant photos Taryn, that 323 wagon stands out over the rest... What a machine! 0_0

    Cheers Gareth.

  2. Awesome photo's :) good to see whats going on up north


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