Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a big thank-you to everyone

I can't believe that this time last year I had only owned my Miata for just over one week. Thinking back, there is just so much that has changed since then - with the car and with me too! I put every cent I made last year into making the car how it looks now, and I couldn't be happier with the finished product. There were ups and downs; a lot of laughs, a few tears here and there and a LOT of beer and pizza consumed in the process! But it really feels like it was all worth it now...

Nationals were a huge success and it felt amazing to just be a part of it all. On Friday night we actually lowered my front coilovers by 10mm and I was finally happy with my ride height - before the front was the slightest bit higher and it annoyed me so much. I have to say that my favourite part of the day was actually driving my car home afterwards. At one stage I actually pulled over to ask my flatmate (who was driving behind me) if there was anything wrong with the car as so many people were pointing and yelling at me. It's okay, that's just my guards making that noise! And those sparks are just a special feature - nothing to worry about! It was cool to see that even random people on the street that probably didn't even know anything about cars still recognised it as something out of the ordinary.

There are just a few people I would like to thank that have helped me with my car, and that I wouldn't have been able to do this without. Firstly my wonderful flatmate and now qualified mechanic and auto electrician, Patrick O'Carroll. Patrick, I really love you (no homo) and appreciate all your amazing help with my car over the past year! Thank-you to Peter at Waikowhai Automotive who has put up with car being at the workshop so often, Redline Performance, Grant at GT Refinishers, John from Guardworks, Joe & Steve from Project G, Liam for my seats, Dad, Mum & Alistair, Marcus and Michelle and another huge thank-you to Ben Phillips who painted both my car and wheels - congrats Ben for winning best wagon on Saturday! So stoked! Cole and Elliot from Bodyworks Panel & Paint who helped me with my suspension and also fitting my front & rear lip for me. And of course Pedey, who has always supported me with this blog, with my car and with pretty much anything and everything that I want to do.

I'd also like to thank CJC for the amazing job they did organising the group stand at Nationals, I was so proud to have my car parked beside some of the coolest cars in the country! I know these guys have received a bit of hate in the past, but in all honesty they really are a super kind and helpful bunch of friends that just want to have fun with their cars, drink beer and eat fried chicken. I'm pretty stoked to be the 'one girl' in that equation!!!

Thank-you to every other person that has helped me and supported me throughout my MX-5 journey. It's definitely only just begun...

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on the Kumeu Classic Car & Hot Rod show, Part 2 of painting my wheels, and coverage from the weekend of the 4 & Rotary Nationals 2012.


  1. Great read. Perfect way to act as if am actually doing work. Looking forward to the upcoming updates


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