Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BTS: iheartstance x hellaflush shoot

On Friday I had a few of my girlfriends all in Auckland at once (this never happens) so I made plans for us to head out to the beach with my car and take some fun photos! I had this vision of piling the Miata with babes and getting shots of us driving along the beach - but I knew that it was going to be quite difficult to bring it to life. There were a few obstacles in our way (quite literally) but I was determined to make it work!

Check my awesome Paint skills. After looking at a few different location options we decided that Eastern Beach was the most suitable. The Esplanade runs directly in front of the waterfront and it's a really long, straight piece of road with fairly minimal traffic flow. There were a few slight issues though...

We knew there were speedbumps there but decided we would take the risk anyway. They really sucked though... and I maaaay have got stuck on one. Another thing that was against us was the weather, which had been forecast for heavy rain and possible thunder and lightning - seriously, you've got to be kidding!

Here is what it was looking like at around midday. Auckland weather is really unpredictable like this and until around 6pm in the evening it was still pouring down with rain. But as you guys know, when I want something I really don't let anything stand in my way. I think the girls were thinking I was pretty mad at this stage! We set out anyway and made our way out east across the city.

Yet another obstacle - halfway out there I realised that I needed to get gas! Slight blonde moment. Pretty much ALL petrol stations in Auckland have huge speedbumps and I can't go anywhere near them so this was another problem. Thankfully we came across a low-car-friendly gas station on the way out there.

If you are unfamiliar with NAs, the chassis rails actually sit lower than the lowest part of the car that you can see here. Next time you see a Miata take a look underneath and you'll see what I mean. Anyway, we followed the patch of blue sky in the distance and eventually arrived out at the beach (about a 30min drive across town) where the weather turned out to be perfect! Here are some behind the scenes shots.

Yes, this is my car stuck on the middle of the road! LIKE A BAWSE!

Having the girls sit up on back was actually a bit harder than I had imagined it was going to be. If any of you guys have seen the back of a Miata you will how small it is! Lucky they all have skinny bums.

Our kicks collection! Loving my white Pumas with the Reebok 'Reign-bow' laces ❤

I just got my iPhone4S recently and am SO in love with it. Follow me on instagram - @iheartstance!

Genevieve. Just in case you didn't know, this babe can rap like a boss. Show her Youtube channel some love here!

We had so much fun and the shoot was a total success! The finished set of images have also been featured on Hellaflush and it is such an honour to actually see my own car on there. The original HF wesbite was what got me into stance and started my obsession for cars and fitment. Which then resulted in me creating this blog, and then building my Miata! It feels good to give back ;)

Thanks to Ben Silcock from STM and Pedey Kelly from Performance Car for taking the photos. As well as a big thank-you to my girls G, Tess, Larah & Michelle for helping me bring my crazy vision to life! They even got their boobs out for the camera too. Best. friends. ever.

Head over to the Hellaflush site to check out the full set of images here!


  1. Wheres the high res versions for wallpaper :)

  2. Absolutely 3rded! "Pink wheels shinin' don't axe me how I got em, styrofoam cups with Jollyranchers at the bottommmm!"

    ...I'm listening to 'Kissin' Pink by A$AP Rocky, not only ironic for such a blog but apropos for such a cool shoot including what appear to be down a$$ women.

    So much love from Watkins Glen Raceway in NY!


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