Tuesday, February 7, 2012

goodbye pink wats part 2: hello pink glitter!

Here is Part 2 (following up on Part 1) of the process I went through with painting my wheels. Thank-you everyone for your positive feedback on the new colour! Yes it is still pink (of course!) but a new and improved version.

After receiving my AWfilms windshield decal, I loved the colour so much that I decided I had to have it on my wheels too. After a lot of research I managed to source this beautiful fuschia flake by House of Kolor.

Mixing it up ready to put on. We were all staring at it swirling around like 'Ooooh!'

Ben putting the first coat on. We kept going until we got max flake coverage!

Here is the result before the clear coat...

...and after. Excuse the dirty tyres, I only had time to take these shots before I got the chance to clean them again!

I'm so smitten with the flake and in the sun it looks completely crazy! Exactly the look I was going for. If you are heading over to the Stance Off meet at the end of this month you can see it on the Miatasaurus for yourself in person. See you there!


  1. Crazy colour. Should look great in the sun. That is to say, if your able to see them. No doubt its going to blind people lol. Good job

  2. hi this is an amazing colour.. it is just what i'm looking for where did you source this from if you don't mind me asing i've been looking for months nw. many thanks kelly

    1. Hey Kelly, check out the FAQ page on here if you haven't already. The flake was sourced from Smits Group in East Auckland http://www.smitsgroup.co.nz/


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