Thursday, February 2, 2012

kumeu classic car & hot rod show 2012

I've never been shy of hiding the fact that I love classic American cars just as much I love Japanese imports. Recently we cruised out west in the Impalas to check out the Kumeu Classic Car & Hot Rod show for 2012.

It was so incredibly sweltering out at the showgrounds (even with full cloud cover) and I had a great day of beer drinking, mini cinnamon donut eating and checking out all the beautiful classics on display. Tyre stretch and ride height doesn't matter here, it's a whole different world and I must admit it's quite nice to escape once in a while. Here are a few of my favourite shots to share...

This crazy looking rod was powered by a blown rotary.

Usually I'd go for a Chevy pick-up over a Ford, but there was just something about this truck that made me stop and stare a while longer than the others. Love the bright red against the big white walls and the wooden rails on the tray.

I remember seeing this Impala down at Beach Hop last year and falling in love with the immaculate lilac paint job.

Everything else in the car is mint too, from the interior... under the hood. Very impressive engine bay!

Not usually into shaved doors but this worked quite well.

I usually favour the bigger luxury coupes such as the Cadillac de Villes and Impalas, but strangely enough I think this old Buick Century was my favourite car of the day.

I love the over-exaggerated front grille, how the factory two-tonne has been retained as well as the beautiful curving hip under the rear window.

And this!

The huge air conditioning unit, window visor and headlight covers on this are all so awesome. So gangster!

Cute 50's Corvette. I would so own this! (I say that about nearly every old car I see at festivals like this!)

Another Century with a sweet matching trailer.

Old Skool Rydz in their usual pozzie.

Keep it trill.

At the end of the day I finally spotted a pink '57 - I've seen this one before though. I took this image as I was imagining what it would be like sitting behind the wheel and driving it. One day!

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