Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ardmore 'Wings & Wheels' show

I'm pretty sure that the last time I visited Ardmore, I was 9 years old and wearing a hot pink jumpsuit from the Warehouse, about to jump in a plane to go flying with my dad. For this reason going back to Ardmore recently really brought back some fond memories for me. This visit was a bit different however, as that was 14 years ago and this time I was rolling up in the Impala, surrounded by hundreds of cars and huge crowds of people for the first ever 4 & Rotary 'Wings & Wheels' show. I couldn't believe it when I saw how many people had shown up. It was awesome to see people from so many different scenes but also the amount of kids and families that were there too. It was such a fun, almost carnival-like atmosphere which I really enjoyed.

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As well as drifting there was also the opportunity for cars to drag race, and an amazing air show and some impressive aerobatic displays. There was really something for everyone to enjoy and I think this was why it saw such a huge turn out of people. I skipped around for most of the day by myself, eating hot chips and giant candy floss, feeling like a kid again. It was awesome! Here are the rest of my photos from the day...

I had a big soft spot for this little yellow Karmann Ghia.

I never actually got the chance to check out the car that won 'best female owned car' at Nationals back in January. Taking a closer look at the S15 it was clear why it won that award. A really clean build and on RPF01s too.

Kat B looking cute on her matching bmx.

CJC looking good!

It was nice to meet Mark, the owner of this S15 with the sweet camber going on at the back! I had spotted this car a few times around Mt. Maunganui during summer but didn't realise he was in CJC.

Equipped nicely!

I think this was my favourite car of the show.... an absolutely flawless old  '30s Ford Tudor with the lights, fenders and bumper making what appears to be a smile with a moustache - don't you think?

I hope this event continues to be put on annually as it was certainly a whole lot of fun as well as a huge success. Thanks 4 and Rotary and Ardmore Airport for making it happen!

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  1. I see some of the Kiwis have noticed how they build Opel Commodores in europe. Very like!


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