Friday, March 23, 2012

NZPC Hardpark Wellington 2012

Last Friday night I flew down to Wellington for the weekend to check out the NZPC Hardpark event put on by the team at Performance Car magazine. By 5pm there was already a massive show of people and it only grew from there. A drastic jump in numbers compared to the meet last year so that was really cool to see. Firstly I thought I'd start the coverage by sharing some of my favourite cars from the day...

I appreciated the cleanliness of this E46 sitting nice and low on BBS LM wheels. It was simple and very tidy.

I'm going to presume it was on bags but someone correct me if I'm wrong?

This showstopping RX-3 was just too immaculate for words. This photo doesn't even do the paint-job justice!

I'm going to go ahead and say that Rupz Parbhu's Cressida was my pick for best fitment of the day. I love the overall staunchness of this car and how it's still a bit rough around the edges. This look definitely suits the car and if anything just makes it more aggressive in appearance. It was also nice to see that it was looking different since last year, with different wheels, different exhaust etc.  

And if that doesn't make it cool, it also boasts a 1JZ under hood. Nice!

You guys know how I love my old American cars and this Impala was no exception. Big, bright and low as hell, gotta love it! Here are few other cars I snapped that stood out from the bunch...

Another Cressida which was really nice, I've noticed that old school cars like this are really popular in the Wellington scene.

I was checking out this R31 R30 before I noticed one of my stickers on the window. Shout out to the owner!

It was nice to have a chat to Michael, the owner of this ZX bB on Work Meisters. We talked about... you guessed it, our love for bBs!!

Another reader I bumped into, Dan from BWARP and his Honda Shuttle!

Proudly wearing the sticker I'd sent him recently after winning a competition on the iheartstance FB page. Nice to meet you Dan and thanks for repping iheartstance!

I was actually really surprised to see so many people wearing my stickers. It was a really cool feeling!

Brian Cox with his recently painted green Enkei wheels was holding it down for Circle Jerk Crew!

I couldn't help but take a photo of these two drongos trying to fight each other in the middle of the car park. Instead of being mean about it, I think you guys should have a caption contest over what the heck they would be fighting about at an all ages car meet in broad daylight.

So much potential in this 300ZX on BBS RS!

Another example of the level of old school cool on display. Love the wheels.


It was really sad to see that some people thought it would be a good idea to attempt to drift in the car park and speed around after the meet started dying down, while there were still people walking around and other cars trying to exit the car park.Not only were these people taking advantage of the opportunity given to them by Performance Car Magazine, the Wellington Council and not to mention the Police who generously left us to our own for the duration of the event, but they well and truly made absolute tools of themselves. Why would you do it, seriously? There isn't any excuse whatsoever for this kind of behaviour.

I want to make it very clear to everyone that reads this blog that my personal opinion is that these type of people are an embarrassment to our scene and are not at all associated with REAL automotive enthusiasts. This behaviour is what kills our scene, what makes the public and the law lose trust in us. On top of that, NO - it didn't make people think perhaps you could could be the next D1 drifter, it just made you look like you were making up for having a tiny, baby, eeny-weeny cock.

Thanks to those small penis losers, it's quite likely that this may have been the last Wellington Hardpark that takes place. A real shame for the 99% of genuine good people that showed up on Saturday to have a great time, enjoy the company of some great cars and soak up the evening sun. Apart from this poor display at the end of the night, I had a great time and it was exciting for us to take the S30 280Z to an event for the first time, even if we haven't started modifying it yet.

Photo from Performance Car Magazine

Thanks to everyone that made the NZPC Hardpark in Wellington as good as it was and I sincerely hope it can take place next year!


  1. "tiny, baby, eeny-weeny cock" haha love it.

    I completely agree with your opinion on the matter of idiots ruining it for the rest of us.

    On another note: i'm so gutted I missed the Auckland hard park this year, having panic attacks really sucks when you are trying to attend an event like that :(
    But shot to Pedey and everyone else who help to organise these events, I think over-all it's good for the scene.


    P.S. love the blog and your cars, jealous you got an S30 280Z. I guess i'll just have to work hard at uni to one day get a '59 Caddy.

  2. Agree, Retards ruined something good yet again, other than that was an awesome turnout, I think i'd roadtrip to auckland for Hardpark up there if there were to be no more welly ones.

  3. Well said. I made a swift exit as soon as the first cloud of tyre smoke was rising up into the air and the police started cruising around.
    Until then it was great, really good atmosphere, but I don't want to get involved with the morons.
    It's a shame as there were some amazing cars there and I'd love to see more events like this in Wellington.
    Though my Skoda got a few funny looks :)

  4. Yeah i'd be down for roady up to Auckland for the next AK one. Just don't tell the dumb fucks about it. 'skids on krew' or whatever they call themselves. Massive write up Taryn, stoked the Cube made it's appearance. haha.

  5. The "R31" is an R30.

  6. That's an R30 Skyline, not an R31. Perhaps the guys were fighting about whose car was stance-ier?

  7. Thanks guys, I wasn't sure so I figured someone would correct me if it was an R30! cheers :)

  8. Great read and once again great photos to match. As almost everyone else has mentioned above, its a damn shame about the .1% of people who had to ruin it but meh. Overall it sounded like a fantastic day (Y) Kudos

  9. More pics on that BMW 2002?

  10. Love the use of the word drongo

  11. skidz on krew fagits ruining the hutt car scene for the last year or so

  12. Taryn, anymore pics on that BMW 2002? It's too nice to tease us with that one photo.

  13. Sorry those two photos are the only shots I took :)

  14. No pics on that 2002 BMW but here's a video :)


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