Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stance Off 2012 photos

So in the end I did make it to the last hour or so of the Stance Off meet on Sunday and just in time to take a few snaps and watch the prizegiving. Here are some more of the photos I took on the day, you can view the first set here on Hellaflush. Enjoy!


Double oosh.

Appreciated that a girl was driving the car above. She had some crazy offset going on! Crazy as in cool.

Not sure what melted my heart more, the Bentley rims or this dog. All I know is that the dog made me talk all gooey and mushy and I must have sounded like a real idiot.

Stance king!

What do you guys think of the glitter steelies? I know steelies are pretty impractical but I definitely think they are well suited on this MK2.

There were some really amazing cars on show and it was a great turn out! Thanks to Tristan and the guys for organising it. Maybe next time I'll think about showing up in a car that can get over speedbumps. Maybe ;)

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  1. Great pictures! What kind of camera/gear do you use? I too enjoy photography and have a MX-5! Keep up the good work.


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