Monday, April 9, 2012

Beach Hop 2012

Last weekend I travelled down to the sunny coastal town of Whangamata as it hosted the annual Beach Hop festival for 2012. The rock ‘n’ roll & classic car festival has now been running for over a decade and this year it was bigger than ever - which was fantastic to see, as last year had seen a smaller turn-out due to the unforgiving weather forecast. Here are a few photos I snapped during the festivities and the ‘grand parade’ on Saturday...

I hadn't seen this '59 Cadillac before, it was so beautiful. In love with the mint colour against the white walls.

Another car I hadn't seen before, this gorgeous lilac '56 Caddy. It always suprises me how much I enjoy this shape, even without the big fins. I love Cadillacs!


I couldn't quite manage to form an opinion on this Impala. Although some serious time and money has clearly gone into this build I just can't get my head around the painted bumper and headlights!

Love the tray table set-up, not so sure about the eyelashes!

This '51 'Suzy-Q' was so gangster, love the look of the spats on the ground. Number plate reads 'officer, put it on my tab'!

My favourite car this year, this hot-rod looked so amazing driving around with those enormous rear white walls.

Loved this mint interior. 2-door ftw!

Even though I travel down every year for this event, it always blows me away just seeing the sheer amount of cars that make an appearance for it. For a small country, New Zealand sure has a truly incredible classic car & hot rod scene! Most of all, it’s great to see all the different people that make the effort to come together to share their passion for the beautiful classic lines of the older vehicles, the roaring sound of the blown V8 engines and of course, wearing colourful wigs! Being part of the fun and friendly nostalgic atmosphere always makes me feel proud to be a kiwi.

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  1. It has to be said, you have impeccable taste in cars. I too love '59 Cadillac's and I would sell my liver to own one. It goes with out saying (even though i'm saying it) your photos of them are amazing, but then again, so are the rest of your photos.


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