Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New 'make your own' iheartstance stickers!

I'm really excited to share with you guys a new special limited edition run of iheartstance decals which are now available for purchase...

I get a lot of sticker enquiries and people always ask me about custom decals and whether they can get stickers in different colours and vinyls, so I came up with an exciting new sticker concept which I think you guys will really love!

For a VERY LIMITED TIME only, you can now make your very own customised iheartstance decals! Each glitter sticker (your choice of either gold or silver sparkle) comes with four different hearts (purple chrome, teal green, baby pink and white pearl sparkle) so you can make your own iheartstance decal in your own personalised colour scheme!

These are officially THE COOLEST iheartstance decals ever made (thanks to the amazing Abbitt @ AWFilms) so don't miss out, as they are STRICTLY LIMITED EDITION!!! Once they are sold out there will not be another run of them!!! You snooze, you lose.

Head over to the iheartstance store now to purchase your limited edition custom sticker pack - CLICK HERE.

Also make sure to check out the competition on my Facebook page for your chance to win a sticker pack and be the first person that they will be sent out to!

Check out my colour combo on our 280Z!

Thanks guys!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mini Z Project

We spotted this for a cool $20 last week and couldn't resist the impulse buy...

I'm not sure when we're actually going to have time to put this together but I definitely like the idea of this mini Z project! I've never built a model car before, so when I opened the box I was very surprised at how many pieces there actually were to put together and how accurate it all was...

I am wondering whether any of my readers have a replica model of their car or have embarked on a mini project car like this before? If you have I'd love to hear about you projects and get some helpful tips!

I love how the instruction booklet tells you information about the car - it actually taught me a few things I didn't know! Although I can't see us actually finishing it in the near future I'll make sure to post some 'in-progress' photos when I can.

Check out the cute little baby G-nose!

Our real life Z project is going well, and on Friday night I'm heading over to Melbourne to pick up our very own G-nose and fender flares. Can't wait to bring them home and get them on our S30!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ground Level Hardpark

The weekend before last we hit up the Ground Level meet in Highbrook, here are a few photos from the day...

My friend Larah has been restoring this Escort and has finally had it painted. I love the personalised plate!

And her Versace perfume gear knob!

I can't believe she drove a manual in these 4-inch something platforms!!!

My pick for best stance of the day. You guys know I dig these concave BMW wheels so bad!

This Crown was also very cool.

Moe repping CJC!

Look out for full coverage from the meet in the next issue of Performance Car magazine!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Z-spiration

At the moment it feels like every time we make a bit of progress on the Z, the more 'things' seem to add on to the end of our to-do list. With each tick comes 3 more crosses, and I know we can't all really not expect our car projects to be like that, but I think in the back of our minds we all secretly hope that it could be easy for just this once!

Recently we were put into contact with another fellow Z project-goer Mikey, and over the weekend I got to check out his sweet 240Z build for myself!


Definitely digging his Watanabes and the ZG flares. I'm pretty excited to see this car once it's finished, and judging by the motor sitting on the shed floor ready to be lowered into the empty engine bay it should be nothing short of impressive! I'll have to get some better snaps of it once it's finished.


Sometimes it's hard to keep project-Z morale high when hidden costs and new 'obstacles' keep popping up along the way, but watching Mikey work on his car and having a chat to him about it reminded me that this is all just part of the fun. The more hard yards we put in, the more rewarding the finished product is going to be! To help keep me going here are a few more photos that I've pinned to keep me feeling inspired...


Photo credits: Work Wheels USA website High Top Fade Auto-Otaku

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nardi steering wheel

Today our Nardi wheel arrived from Japan! I've always wanted one of these... especially a wood grain one! Can't wait to see it in the Datsun.