Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mini Z Project

We spotted this for a cool $20 last week and couldn't resist the impulse buy...

I'm not sure when we're actually going to have time to put this together but I definitely like the idea of this mini Z project! I've never built a model car before, so when I opened the box I was very surprised at how many pieces there actually were to put together and how accurate it all was...

I am wondering whether any of my readers have a replica model of their car or have embarked on a mini project car like this before? If you have I'd love to hear about you projects and get some helpful tips!

I love how the instruction booklet tells you information about the car - it actually taught me a few things I didn't know! Although I can't see us actually finishing it in the near future I'll make sure to post some 'in-progress' photos when I can.

Check out the cute little baby G-nose!

Our real life Z project is going well, and on Friday night I'm heading over to Melbourne to pick up our very own G-nose and fender flares. Can't wait to bring them home and get them on our S30!


  1. Wow the number of parts and accuracy of them is amazing, I never knew that you could actually buy models like that for that price and build them yourself. I want one now. Wait, scratch that, I want lots of them now.

    Where did you get it?

  2. Where do you buy from?!?!?! ME WANT!

  3. I knew a person who had a model (much like yours) for every car they had ever owned. Pretty cool idea. Would love to have one for mine, but cant see that happening anytime soon lol.

    Looking forward to the upcoming updates


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