Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Z-spiration

At the moment it feels like every time we make a bit of progress on the Z, the more 'things' seem to add on to the end of our to-do list. With each tick comes 3 more crosses, and I know we can't all really not expect our car projects to be like that, but I think in the back of our minds we all secretly hope that it could be easy for just this once!

Recently we were put into contact with another fellow Z project-goer Mikey, and over the weekend I got to check out his sweet 240Z build for myself!


Definitely digging his Watanabes and the ZG flares. I'm pretty excited to see this car once it's finished, and judging by the motor sitting on the shed floor ready to be lowered into the empty engine bay it should be nothing short of impressive! I'll have to get some better snaps of it once it's finished.


Sometimes it's hard to keep project-Z morale high when hidden costs and new 'obstacles' keep popping up along the way, but watching Mikey work on his car and having a chat to him about it reminded me that this is all just part of the fun. The more hard yards we put in, the more rewarding the finished product is going to be! To help keep me going here are a few more photos that I've pinned to keep me feeling inspired...


Photo credits: Work Wheels USA website High Top Fade Auto-Otaku


  1. Awesome. I feel the exact same with regards to my car. What started off as simple things, have expanded into more and more parts. However, as you have also mentioned. The journey is half the fun :)

  2. This is were iam at with mine..Keeping inspiration alive...


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