Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New 'make your own' iheartstance stickers!

I'm really excited to share with you guys a new special limited edition run of iheartstance decals which are now available for purchase...

I get a lot of sticker enquiries and people always ask me about custom decals and whether they can get stickers in different colours and vinyls, so I came up with an exciting new sticker concept which I think you guys will really love!

For a VERY LIMITED TIME only, you can now make your very own customised iheartstance decals! Each glitter sticker (your choice of either gold or silver sparkle) comes with four different hearts (purple chrome, teal green, baby pink and white pearl sparkle) so you can make your own iheartstance decal in your own personalised colour scheme!

These are officially THE COOLEST iheartstance decals ever made (thanks to the amazing Abbitt @ AWFilms) so don't miss out, as they are STRICTLY LIMITED EDITION!!! Once they are sold out there will not be another run of them!!! You snooze, you lose.

Head over to the iheartstance store now to purchase your limited edition custom sticker pack - CLICK HERE.

Also make sure to check out the competition on my Facebook page for your chance to win a sticker pack and be the first person that they will be sent out to!

Check out my colour combo on our 280Z!

Thanks guys!!


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