Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Melbourne photo diary

On Friday night I flew over to Melbourne for the long weekend and caught up with two of my close girlfriends who are based over there. I'd never visited Melbourne before and I truly fell in love with it; I can't wait to go back again. Also the shopping is AMAZING!!!

But there was one purchase in particular that was actually the sole purpose of my trip - we had a company in Melbourne (Topstage Advanced Composites) fabricate a replica 240ZG 'G-nose' and seeing as it actually fit within the size and weight restrictions for checked luggage, I flew over to pick it up and bring it back home for the next stage of our S30 build.

We packaged it up (thank-you Jesse and Susan for your help!) and I took it to the airport with me - unfortunately it really resembled the shape of a giant banana, which resulted in me getting the funniest looks from people! The check-in staff thought it was hilarious and said it was definitely the weirdest thing they had ever seen anyone check in as carry on luggage. I'm still surprised that I got away with it, considering my whole trip was cheaper than shipping from Aus-NZ was going to cost us.

So here it is, ready to be prepped and fitted. The next step will be taking the car over to Grant at GT Refinishers to work his magic. I can't wait to see what it looks like on our S30... so exciting!


  1. nice photo montage! & even better purpose the trip!

  2. That looked like a cool trip, have to get over there again myself soon. The performance scene over there is sooo different


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