Monday, June 18, 2012

Project Z update

Here in New Zealand it's the middle of winter and although it's depressing seeing online coverage of all the awesome events going down all the way over the other side of world right now, the off season definitely gives us the time to get some good work done on our project cars.

I know I've been a bit quiet on the subject of how we're getting along with the S30, and to be honest so much has been happening all at once and I haven't had the time to stop and take heaps of photos! But I thought I should slow things down and post a quick update of what's been going down. Over the last couple of months we've mainly just been collecting parts and now the time is coming where we'll soon get to put everything all together. As well as our new badges, Nardi wheel and G-nose kit, we've now also acquired...

ZG-style flares. Boss!

Genuine Datsun fender mirrors (the same as the 240ZG ones!!)

A rear boot spoiler.

...and most recently a set of  297mm Wilwood vented and slotted 2-piece brake discs. We spent a little while playing with them in the lounge pretending we were in Tron, but then this weekend we decided to actually put them on. Although I understood the general concept of how disc brakes work, I learnt so much from the hands on experience of actually helping out and watching.

First we removed the original Wilwood rotors.

Over the last couple of weeks we've been making custom coilover suspension from a set of old 240Z struts and Cosmo coilover sleeves that we found on Trademe. We've been so lucky to have a really talented bloke Mikey (see his 240Z build here!) help us out with modifying them to fit our Z, and together he and Pedey have finally finished this task. Last weekend the back struts went in (view this photo to see how it went!)

This weekend we successfully managed to mount the brakes onto the front struts and now all four coilovers are in.

When we bought the car it already came with these R32 GT-R callipers which we were pretty stoked with!

I try to be as hands on as possible when working on cars but I'm no mechanic... and I'm also not very strong and I always have a fantastic manicure... so what I can do is limited! But that's okay with me, as just watching and being able to understand everything that is happening is what I enjoy the most.

We haven't dropped the front of the car yet so I'll update when we do that next! I'll admit that the part I'm most looking forward to with the Z is seeing the wheels go on for the first time. They should be here hopefully within a month or so and I am SO impatient... it's not fair that it has to take so long! But it's SO going to be worth it :D


  1. If i may ask ..? was there a adapter bracket to mount the gtr caliper to the z's spindle? Thanks


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