Monday, July 9, 2012

Japanese decals in new colours!

After posting this picture on Instagram I received so many comments asking for the Japanese decals to be made available for purchase again, so I decided to have some more made up!

The stickers are available for purchase now through the online store so make sure to check them out HERE and grab some while they are in stock! They are available together in sets of two, one of each of the colours shown here. Not sold separately sorry.

Thanks to Lance at Streeter Concepts for printing these - if you are looking at getting stickers printed make sure to hit him up as he is super helpful!

T x

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  1. I have seen this picture on Instagram and I was not wrong for saying that it's impossible if no one will be interested with this sticker. It was really cute. And am so glad that you have post it here on your blog and it is easy for us to purchase it. Thanks, btw. :)


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