Monday, July 23, 2012

Knob obsession - it's not what you think Mum!

I've been looking at different gear knobs on the internet over the past few weeks as I wanted to buy a new one for my MX-5. There are so many options, but with the regular 'bubble shift' knobs having gaining a lot of popularity I wanted to find something a bit different - especially something not commonly seen here in NZ.

I've always wanted a flower gear knob or 'Suichuuka' (read this post on Noriyaro about the story behind them - really interesting!) but they are quite rare and pretty pricey. Some of them are going for up to $300 on Yahoo Japan at the moment.


So rad.

The multicoloured ones are also really cool but so hard to find - I might have to try and find one next time I visit Japan. It seems like ages away but with the S30 being top priority at the moment, another trip is just going to have to wait until 2013! Sigh...

Another one on Yahoo Japan auctions - so tempted!

I know a few people who are going to love this one, YES it's a Hello Kitty gear knob. Go on, buy it here on Ebay, you know you want to!

What do guys have as your gear knob - and what's the craziest thing you've seen that's been made into a gear stick? I think THIS had to be the most interesting one I've seen.


  1. Hey just curious, what are you searching on yahoo japan to bring these up? No one seems to give me one particular word that translates or that people call them. Any help would be awesome.

    1. Do you have Google Chrome? - would recommend! :)

    2. Hey I found one which I had imported by Jesse Streeter on Yahoo Auctions by just sorting through pages and pages of shifters which have their own category.
      Google Chrome will automatically translate for you :)

  2. i've got a chair leg as a gear knob, works well

  3. iv seen adjustble wrenchs used as gearknobs .looks pretty sweet

  4. Oh NO. Wait until 2013 for another trip to Japan? However will you possibly cope?!

  5. I have the swirly pink and purple one :)

  6. has a good selection, great service, and the prices arent bad haha I have 3 knobs from them..


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