Monday, August 20, 2012

Project Z gets caged

Last week our good mate Bam from Wellington came up to stay with us, and while he was here he whipped up a bad-ass half-cage for the Datsun. After nearly a decade in motorsport fabrication, Bam has started up his own business, suitably named 'Bam's'. Check out these photos of him working his magic in our garage...

We'd seen heaps of different designs for cages on the internet so we knew there were a few different options for what we could do. We decided on a simple design that would be safe and that would strengthen up the back end of the car considerably by connecting and bracing the rear strut towers.

Bam quickly put together the perfect solution...

... and here is the finished product inside the Z. So tough! Bam also built the cage keeping Motorsport NZ regulations in mind, so if we did want to opt for a full-cage in the future we wouldn't have to rip it out and start all over.

We'll get it painted at some stage but for now I'm just enjoying looking at the car and seeing those steel bars peeping through the rear windows, instantly the S30 looks more aggressive. Make sure to check out Bam's page on Facebook and hit him up if you need any fab work done.

After experiencing what goes into building a real cage and spending a bit of time watching the process of how it was put together, I now have a new appreciation for a custom weld-in half-cage as opposed to bolt-in mass produced parts like the cage in my MX-5. This is definitely a whole new level of radness!

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