Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Purple edition stickers on sale now!

New purple stickers are available now! These will be the last iheartstance stickers like this available for purchase. Please don't miss out if you'd like one, as I only have a limited supply! As you may have guessed, they are purple to match my new wheel colour! I've also put up a few more tiffany heart stickers up for sale for only $3 each! 

Click HERE to go through to the online store.

Thanks everyone - Taryn x

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Close-up on Hugo's rebuilt AE85

Those of you familiar with the New Zealand drifting scene will be just as familiar with Hugo Maclean's 'poo-brown' AE85 drift car. If you aren't in the know, one of the younger competitive drivers in our D1 Pro series, Hugo has caused a bit of controversy over the last couple of years with his beloved hatchback that has seen him grab a lot of international exposure. Firstly causing a stir with his choice of a Honda F20C motor and then even more of a fuss when he switched to a 13B rotary powerplant, the car now boasts a new 'mystery motor' - to be revealed in the latest issue of Performance Car magazine! Before I get around to sharing a few more photos I took of the car on Saturday, here are a few older shots of Hugo's car from over the past couple of years...

Photo from Performance Car

Photo from STM Blog

Photo from MGN

Along with the impressive new engine set-up, the AE has also been resprayed with a custom glitter brown paint job and been given new graphics applied by Mad Mike at CRE8GRAFX

Just as exciting as the new graphics is the announcement of a sponsorship deal from HOONIGAN! Congrats Hugo!

Hugo's Work Meister S1s are 16x9.5 all round.

One thing I've noticed is that whenever someone puts a big wing on their competitive car, people on the internet all get their knickers in a twist over it. Hugo's had this wing for a while now, it still looks good and it serves a functional purpose. So get over it!

I love the simple new brown/purple/gold theme. I've always been one of those people that thinks cars just look better without graphics (how cool did Curt Whittaker's R34 look when it was all black!??) but to be honest I really favour this look over the plain brown. The graphics stand out and the overall look is still classy.

Loving the use of the gold vinyl covering the vents in the D-Max bonnet!

Such a clean interior. So digging the purple harnesses!

Make sure to check out the new issue of Performance Car magazine (SUPPORT PRINT MEDIA!!!) for a full feature on Hugo's revamped 85 including the much awaited reveal of his new motor. I'm personally a big fan and am really looking forward to seeing it in action this coming season!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

North Shore Toyota 86 meet

Here are some more images from the 'new and old' 86 meet hosted by North Shore Toyota on Saturday, enjoy!

Insert Rick Ross 'Uhhhhhhh' noise here.

Rare Winds Auto Barrels = win.

Spotted a few sets of SSR Formula Mesh wheels - can't go wrong with these!

I wouldn't usually post a car on imitation wheels on here unless I really, really liked it. In this case, this low Levin was undeniably flawless with its beautiful bodywork and glossy light blue paint. I love the blue Brides peeping through the windscreen too.

The number plate says it all. So clean!

Tarran's notchback is a bit of a work in progress right now, but that didn't stop him from coming along to show it off. No doubt it's going to look awesome once it's finished.

Just check out those new Work Meisters. Oosh!

My friend Ben's notchback is also a work in progress, and to be honest that's one of the things I LOVE about this build. Ben takes his time with everything, makes sure things are done right and exactly the way he wants. And I love that no matter what stage the car is in, he won't hesitate to bring it out to a meet like this. The new front and rear fenders look amazing!

D1NZ driver Hugo Maclean showed off his new graphics - and sponsors too! I've never seen the car looking so good!

North Shore Toyota's 86 ZN6 project definitely stole the show with it's full range of aftermarket Cusco products and black Work CR-Kai wheels. Check out their FB page here for some more photos!

The TRD double twin exhaust pipes look so good!

The new GT86 looks sick in all black too. There were two clean examples there on show.

I can't wait to see a new panda scheme 86! But will it ever compare to the old? The panda hachiroku will always be the original tofu delivery car after all.

Here is Keisuke's panda notchback on SSR Superstars. If it weren't for the NZ plates you'd think this photo was taken in Japan, right?

Glen's 86 on original Techno Phantoms - another very rare set of wheels here in NZ.

Love it. Paint, wheels, riveted fender panels, everything. Awesome.

Thank-you North Shore Toyota and Westlake Girl's High School, I really enjoyed this event! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cross country discovery in the 86

Over the weekend my partner had arranged to test drive a TRD 86 and an RS265 Trophy for Performance Car magazine, so we spent both Saturday and Sunday driving around the outskirts of Auckland having a bit of fun! On Saturday we hopped in the TRD and headed west out to Piha beach, following Marcus (Performance Car's assistant editor) in the Renault.

For the first part of the trip, half of the road was closed off for a marathon - bad luck!

But that only lasted for a short while, and then it was onto the west coast via Piha Rd.

It was a LOT of fun driving through the twisty roads on the way out to Karekare beach too, such a thrill!

Our plan was to do a quick shoot of the cars - that was until the dark clouds looming overhead gave way to a spot of wet weather.

So we stopped in for breakfast at the Piha Cafe instead!

After that we headed over to the shore where North Shore Toyota hosted an 86 event, unveiling their Cusco/TRD ZN6 project and also giving fellow 86 owners the chance to park up and show off their cars...

...new and old! I'll post up the rest of my photos from the meet on here tomorrow.

On Sunday we decided to head east, driving through Clevedon and Kawakawa bay...

...convoying with our friend Daniel in his clean Type R EK...

...until we got to Kaiaua, a small coastal town bordering the Firth of Thames. 

Their fish and chip shop is delicious. Fresh snapper and hot chips with a can of L&P - you can't get much more 'New Zealand' than this! It was here that I had a strange encounter and I've spent the last couple of days thinking about whether I should share it on here or not.

But then it made me realise something really important, so I decided yes - it would be appropriate to share. It wasn't until we were driving into Kawakawa bay that all of a sudden literally hundreds of little memories starting filtering into my brain. I actually grew up on a property bordering on the Hunua Ranges, the side opposite to Kaiaua, though I moved away when I turned twelve years old. Driving along this road, whilst being thrown around corners in the 86, memories started to flow back - chasing autumn leaves in the park flashing past on my left, rock-pool hunting, pony riding and picnics in Kawakawa bay, all the trips I used to go on with my family when I was a kid. As we pulled up into the Fish 'n' Chip shop parking lot, I suddenly felt the urge to shout out 'there was a funny coloured cat here!' as I remembered the time I stopped here with my family and a tortoiseshell/white cat sat around the customers on the balcony of the little shop.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked in there and THIS cat is sitting there on the table (yes, on the table) meowing at me. I had to text my dad and ask him 'How old was I when we came here that time?' to which his reply was 'Eight'. So this exact same cat has been at this shop for 15 years? I came to the conclusion that this must have been one of it's kittens, that or this is some kind of spiritual guardian angel cat or something. The whole thing just left me scratching my head, but then it made me realise an important lesson.

I've lived back in Auckland now for over three years now, and it's taken me this long to drive out here and experience these awesome twisty mountain roads, to eat this mouth watering snapper and to come back into contact with my feline spirit guardian. WHY IS THAT? I quickly reassured myself that it was because we don't have usually have a fun 'driver's car' to take on trips like this. I felt like mashing my head into my newspaper full of hot chips as I suddenly thought of my MX-5, the 'world's most popular and affordable sports car' - though maybe not anymore since the arrival of the 86 - gathering dust in my garage.

Why it's taken me until this past weekend to rediscover such a beautiful area only an hour from my home in the city, I don't know. But driving in the 86 over the weekend made me realise that there really just isn't any excuse to not get out of the city once in a while to explore our gorgeous green countryside, especially with my Eunos Roadster. It's time to get the old girl out of hibernation and back on the road, where she belongs!

Note. If anyone can tell me more about that cat, I'd love to know!!!