Wednesday, September 19, 2012

North Shore Toyota 86 meet

Here are some more images from the 'new and old' 86 meet hosted by North Shore Toyota on Saturday, enjoy!

Insert Rick Ross 'Uhhhhhhh' noise here.

Rare Winds Auto Barrels = win.

Spotted a few sets of SSR Formula Mesh wheels - can't go wrong with these!

I wouldn't usually post a car on imitation wheels on here unless I really, really liked it. In this case, this low Levin was undeniably flawless with its beautiful bodywork and glossy light blue paint. I love the blue Brides peeping through the windscreen too.

The number plate says it all. So clean!

Tarran's notchback is a bit of a work in progress right now, but that didn't stop him from coming along to show it off. No doubt it's going to look awesome once it's finished.

Just check out those new Work Meisters. Oosh!

My friend Ben's notchback is also a work in progress, and to be honest that's one of the things I LOVE about this build. Ben takes his time with everything, makes sure things are done right and exactly the way he wants. And I love that no matter what stage the car is in, he won't hesitate to bring it out to a meet like this. The new front and rear fenders look amazing!

D1NZ driver Hugo Maclean showed off his new graphics - and sponsors too! I've never seen the car looking so good!

North Shore Toyota's 86 ZN6 project definitely stole the show with it's full range of aftermarket Cusco products and black Work CR-Kai wheels. Check out their FB page here for some more photos!

The TRD double twin exhaust pipes look so good!

The new GT86 looks sick in all black too. There were two clean examples there on show.

I can't wait to see a new panda scheme 86! But will it ever compare to the old? The panda hachiroku will always be the original tofu delivery car after all.

Here is Keisuke's panda notchback on SSR Superstars. If it weren't for the NZ plates you'd think this photo was taken in Japan, right?

Glen's 86 on original Techno Phantoms - another very rare set of wheels here in NZ.

Love it. Paint, wheels, riveted fender panels, everything. Awesome.

Thank-you North Shore Toyota and Westlake Girl's High School, I really enjoyed this event! 

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