Monday, October 22, 2012

4 & Rotary Supershow 2012

The first 4 & Rotary event of the season kicked off over the weekend, and I decided to take my car along and park it up in the show and shine which was held on the playing field at Mt. Smart Stadium!

There wasn't a huge amount of cars there but it was still enough to make it a fun day, especially on Saturday when the weather was mint!

If you went along you might have seen the Miatasaurus parked up with the LOWLIFE crew! I lowered the car a bit last week, evening the ride height out (it was higher in the back last weekend) but still leaving the springs captive. I like it at this height... but I'd like it more if it was lower... ;)

Repping PROJECT-G!

My partner Pedey parked his '67 Impala up next to my car and it was cool seeing them being displayed together. They are pretty much polar opposites of each other!

Pedey was excited to bring the car along as this was its first outing of the season! It may sound silly but it's been in storage for a while and I think I'd almost forgot how good it looks. I'll never get sick of this car!

Performance Car's Assistant Ed Marcus and his partner Michelle have literally just got their hands on this  bagged C10 GMC pick-up which arrived last week from America! The truck still needs a bit of work to get it up to scratch, but as we don't get these sort of mini-trucks here in NZ it's pretty cool to see something like this on our shores. Can't wait to see what they have in store for it!

Mark Strawbridge's Mazda Capella has been built specifically to handle well at its low ride height.

Those wide Simmons in 15x10&11 look so tough wrapped in NT01 semi-slicks!

Ben Phillips' bad-ass sounding SR500 was parked up alongside the cars too...

The detail on the gas tank with the metal flake paint sparkles like crazy in the sunlight!

Adrian Andrew's S14 Silvia was looking a bit more aggressive than last time I saw it....

...this was due to the fact that the car is even lower than normal (serious wheel porn going on with those Work VS-XX wheels)... well as the addition of some big blast pipes. Adrian said he just put them on for the show but that they are starting to grow on him!

There were several nice looking E46s on display...

Luxury Sports owner Ryan Sun's GS300 was sitting on a clean set of Work Schwert SC1s...

... I love these wheels! Nice.

Flush fitment was definitely an outstanding trend, and it was cool to see quite a few cars wearing good quality wheels too... Debbie Wisneski's S15 on Enkei RPF1s.

The wheels aren't even the best feature of the car either, as under the hood sits a clean RB25 swap. Such a nice all round build!

I've seen this R34 GT-R before yet it never ceases to impress. I really appreciate how the owner can't seem to stop modifying it either!

The NAC 86 was on display looking awesome.


Check out the super wide Work Equips on the back of this tubbed old school Mazda.

I loved this old '78 Martini-themed Porsche! I'm such a sucker for older model 911s...

I didn't take any photos of the drifting or skids but I did catch this snap of Charlie giving the thumbs up after popping a tyre and by the looks of it nearly his 13B too!

Despite the rain I still had a great day on Saturday and had fun parking up with the LOWLIFE crew! It really made me look forward to the 4 & R Nationals next year too, it'll be SO awesome seeing our 280z finally finished and looking pretty. Can't wait!

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