Monday, October 15, 2012

CJC Jerkfest 2012

Firstly I can't believe that it's been a whole year since last year's Jerkfest track day! I have such fond memories of that weekend last year, although I remember I was SO nervous to drive on a track for the first time. I remember my heart felt like it was going to crawl out of my throat at one stage, but it pleased me that this year I didn't feel like that at all. I was a bit nervous but more excited to get back out there.

We arrived at the track at 8am and it was covered in fog which looked quite eerie.

I owe a big thanks to hot girl racer babe Kat Benson for letting me borrow her awesome racesuit! I'll admit... I totally felt cool wearing it (haha).

I'd improved a lot since last year which felt great! I definitely had one of the slower cars there but that didn't mean I didn't have heaps of fun. Even though I had more grip than last year I still found myself losing traction coming out of most of the corners, and last year this scared me a bit but this time it felt more natural and I didn't panic when I started going sideways. It was easy to control the car out of the slide and back into a straight line!

The car looked cooler this year too thanks to the lips and the sides of the car being painted white. This makes such a big difference in my opinion.

My flatmate Patrick finally got to UNLEASH the fury of his turbocharged Cyborg Mirage on the track! Check out this video - it actually sounds like a fighter jet right? You may have seen the car in the November issue of Performance Car magazine!

Warren from MGN brought along his Evo III YRACEU along for a blat and was pleased when he didn't manage to break anything!

Damian's almighty B18C Shuttle on Work Meisters was going strong!

James was kind to take me for a few hotlaps in his gorgeous Lotus Exige S! Check out the video HERE. I wish I knew they were recording so I didn't do my crazy loud laugh that makes me sound like my mum.

Wayne's S14 was looking sharp with its new Rocket Bunny spoiler - I'm a big fan!

There was a big Honda presence on the day too...

Ants Wong's Civic was looking clean on Enkei RPF1s.

Gung's FD2R is so clean...

...and check out those massive Endless brakes!

Michael's bB on Meisters. I owe him a huge thank-you for taking me to get my wheels rebalanced at lunch, thank-you Michael!

Shannon's SR20DET powered Datsun is such a clean example, I love the Work VS-xx wheels.

It was pretty damn fast too!

It really makes me happy thinking back to how far I've come with driving my car, and I feel 100 times more confident than I did at the beginning of last year!

Thank-you so much to all of the organisers and members of CJC, I had such a great day! x

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