Monday, October 8, 2012

The Miatasaurus mini-makeover

After having my MX-5 off the road for several months during winter, last week we finally got around to fixing the old girl up, giving her a well-deserved wash and getting her back into action. We had to replace the CVs as they had completely worn out from driving the car at such a low ride height, so we decided to replace the entire axle assemblies as this was less of a hassle than to do the CVs separately. We also put the Watanabes back on and lowered it a little bit. I was so excited to drive it and it felt SO good to be behind that little steering wheel again!

On Sunday myself and my hot babe friend Genevieve rolled down to the NZPC/NAC Drift Nationals at Hampton Downs and parked the car up for a bit of fun. So many people were stopping and checking out the car which was really awesome - also I had a bit of a laugh when a little kid looked inside and saw my gear knob, he started pointing and laughing at it!

I'm so happy with the new wheel colour! Thanks Grant from GT Refinishers for the respray - and for somehow getting the magenta metal flake off my wheels!

If you don't know what that 'thing' is on my roof, let me introduce you to the 'G-string' by Project-G. They are the same company that make the rad 'G-wing' I have on my hardtop! As I don't have the factory soft-top in my car, if I want to roll with no roof on I have to take the risk with the weather, but with the G-string you can just keep it in your boot and just clip it on and off whenever you want. I'm so obsessed with it already! Check out more HERE.

A few people have commented on how 'high' the car looks - can I just point out that it's on coilovers so I can adjust it to whatever height I like, whenever I like - so chill dudes! This Thursday night I'll be driving down to Taupo to track the car on Friday, hence the functional stance. At cert(ish) height it was so nice not to have to worry about scraping on little bumps and getting in and out of my driveway, it was such a stress-free outing and I had such a great day because of it. Form and function FTW!

On the way back we found ourselves convoying with my friend Ben in his AE and his buddy Sam, who has just had a fresh paint job on his MX-5. Super cool!!! Thanks Genevieve for taking these pics..

Loving the cage and the bad ass Work Equips. Best convoy ever! Can't wait to get out on the road again for Taupo and to share photo coverage on here of the CJC Jerkfest at Taupo Motorsport Park from later this week! Follow me on Instagram for daily photo updates too.

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