Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Low Dreams chapter

I'm really excited to release a new line of stickers which are now available for purchase on my online store!


Low Dreams  Fitment Queens is an extension of the name and brand that iheartstance has become, and I think it's something that my female readers who share my love for wheel fitment and low dreams can relate to. If you're a rad babe into slammed cars, cool wheels and low offset, these stickers are a must have!


They are available in two colours, the first is oil chrome which is like a reflective silver that shines rainbow colours in the light.


The other is gold sparkle, which is super glittery and looks amazing when is sparkles in the sun!


To cater to my non-female audience, I've also had a new batch of iheartstance glitter stickers made up, these are in a black glitter vinyl that appears plain black on your car, but sparkles rainbow in the light too. If you aren't into the whole fluro/colourful stickers thing, these ones are a bit more subtle.

Thanks so much for your support and I hope you enjoy the new stickers! Head over to the online store HERE if you wish to buy some!

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