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NZPC Summer Tour Stop 2: Mount Maunganui

Five cities, five park ups, one massive summer! That's exactly what the NZ Performance Car Summer Tour is all about, and last weekend it was up to the editor Pedey and I to make sure that the second stop on the tour calendar went as smoothly as possible.

Firstly it was up to Pedey to scope out locations for the park up, which was a bit tricky seeing as the event was to take place in another town that we aren't 100% familiar with. After confirming the locations and putting up the info on Facebook, it was then onto arranging people to help with photo coverage which is where I came into the equation. With the additional help of some of our talented photographer friends, Rach and Jared and James, we were all set to get some sweet shots for the magazine!

Check out our sweet collection - dad, mum and baby 5D!

As well as making arrangements for the park up itself, we also had to make sure that Pedey's 67 Impala was looking on top form, so we stopped in at Aden's Tyre Shop to give the car a bit of a wash...

...and then it was off to Sulphur Point, out first location for the day.

Coffee is also a must have item before going to car meets!

This part is called waiting. While we were standing there on the side of the road looking at the deserted industrial street I couldn't help but feel a tingly feeling in my stomach - what if nobody showed up?

But soon enough there was a long line of cars backing up all down the road. Awesome!

Yes, I was that dorky girl waving at you when you entered the parking area!

With the sky remaining a promising shade of blue and as more and more cars rolled into the car park, I couldn't help but feel a wave of relief roll over me. The funny feeling in my stomach was quick to disappear.

My friend Rach specialises in wedding and portrait photography, so shooting cars for a day was a first for her. She has a natural eye for composition and catching the right moment at the right time, so she did great!

With the cars all parked up on the grass it made for a really chilled and relaxed atmosphere for everyone to mingle and check out each other's rides. Here are a few of my favourite cars from the day...

Ben Phillips' AE85 is looking so clean after a respray - finally Ben! The custom rear steel fenders, fabricated by GT Refinishers, are subtle but make such a big difference with helping Ben's 10-inch wide Superlites sit in place perfectly!

This sweet little Datsun 160J put a smile on my face, and the period correct choice of SSR Longchamps are a nice touch too. I'm finding that since I've owned my own Datsun I'm gradually growing fonder of older cars like this now, cars that I wouldn't have given a second glance before.

It was nice to walk around and actually meet some of the owners of the cars that I thought were rad. Like Alister McColl and his bridgeported 13B Mazda Cosmo on old school Volk Racing meshies.

This RX-3 coupe on Simmons was another car that caught my eye, it looked really clean and sounded cool too.

 I've seen this Mark II Grande around quite a few times, and it has recently acquired a new owner.

SSR MK III wheels are just so good to look at! I'd love to see a set of these on my 280Z. Just to see what it would look like, hmmm...

Another car I've seen many times but I'd never seen it with these new 15x8 BBS RSs before. I'm a big fan!

People keep saying these wheels are 'so played out' but I don't think you can ever see too much of a classic design like this.

We drove past this FD a couple of times while it was cruising around the Mount and it definitely turned heads. I'll admit that when I saw it in motion I was hoping it might have Work VS-XXs on it, but even seeing it here parked up I still appreciated its colour scheme and good fitment combo.

Did I mention that it's girl owned? Sweet!

Richie and the guys from Old School cruised down from Auckland with some of their sweet rides! No matter how many times I see his 260C (Cedric) I can't get sick of it!

I think this beetle might have been my favourite car there. Everything about it is immaculate, even the interior. I hate to admit it but it actually makes me want one a little bit!

This Alfa and the Fiat below made for quite a pair parked up next to each other.

I really liked the basic JDM styling on Scott Blackburn's car, it was just enough to give the daily driven Cressida that something extra.

 SSR MK Is in good offsets/sizes are pretty rare.

I liked what this guy had going on with his S15, it was super low and the fitment was nice.

The wheels may be Varrstoens but there was no denying that the car as a whole looked cool as it drove into the car park.

It looked like Nigel's JZX100 was sitting a bit lower than usual? With its bronze Work Emotions this car will always be in style.

Another sweet girl-owned whip, Katrina McCloy's Lexus GS300 looking particularly dark and menacing in its all-black colouring.

One thing that really surprised me on the day was how super friendly people were in general, especially when I asked them about their cars. They were so eager to have a chat and didn't hesitate to let me know what they loved about their cars and why. It's cool to feel part of a community, and despite there being such a wide range of different makes and models of vehicles present, being there really felt like I was part of our car community as a whole, not just belonging to one particular 'car group'.

Car enthusiasts come in all shapes and... collars? This little guy was pretty cute!

I think this photo sums up pretty well the kind of crowd that turned up. Here we have a 350z, an Evo, a Datsun, a Peugeot,  a WRX, an S14 and an RX-3! Such a diverse mix of vehicles but all with a common interest.

After an hour or so of chilling by the water...

...we left the Marina and set off for a cruise through the town centre...

...over to the second location for the day, Class A Kustoms. At the last minute our other planned location fell through, so a big thanks to Leon for having us!

Another cool car I spotted there was J.C.'s Honda Shuttle 'Beagle' which looked really cool with its roof racks and retained factory colour scheme. It looks like it would be a really fun daily driver to own!

The NAC 86 made an appearance too of course!

Matt Elliot's '79 Chevy pick-up 'JWDRPR' has to take the title of best presented (and really best all round build) of the day. Its flawless bodywork, custom air set-up and rowdy procharged V8 all go down a real treat. It really is impossible to take a bad photo of this car.

Although I've already been writing my monthly column 'The Illest' for over a year now, this event will be my first full feature in Performance Car where I have supplied both words and images for an article, so I'm excited to see my finished work in print. This year I'm looking forward to doing more professional media coverage like this and my 2013 goals are all based around improving both my writing and photography skills. So make sure to check out the upcoming March Issue of NZPC for more photos!!!

Overall I feel like the Mount Maunganui round of the Summer Tour was a big success; I loved the variety of cars that came together to participate and the great attitudes of the enthusiasts that came with them. On top of that, the fact that it was free for anyone to come along AND enjoy a free sausage sizzle definitely made it that much more awesome.

Want to get involved in the next Summer Tour event? Check out the calendar here!

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  1. I definitely concur with this phrase that I loved the kind of automobiles that arrived together to participate and the great attitudes of the enthusiasts that came with them. Mount Maunganui is normal in the summer mean place to party.


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