Thursday, May 2, 2013

A well overdue general life update

I have a confession to make. I honestly didn't realise how long it had been since my last post on here until I had to hesitate to think of what website to go on to even access the dashboard to iheartstance! At that moment I realised, although I hadn't made it yet, I was already in the process of making a huge mistake. A mistake that I can only hope I can try and undo the damage of - starting now!

Although I've had every intention to regularly update on here, I've been so carried away with life over the past few months that I'll admit, I just haven't managed to make it my top priority. The problem that I've realised however, is that I've been so carried away that I've failed to pay attention to very people that made my life get so crazy in the first place - the followers of this blog. If it wasn't for you guys, well... I don't know what I would be doing with my life right now - seriously! So please forgive me as I now attempt to get you up to speed with what's been going on behind the scenes of iheartstance recently.

So last year in 2012, one of my personal goals I had set for myself was to be nominated for the Personality of the Year Award on, and I felt a bit bummed when I realised at the end of the year that they'd taken this category out of their annual awards. I did however, get offered the opportunity to write a guest post about my MX5 at the end of the year. It received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, and I felt very pleased!

Anyway, things took a bit of a turn for me recently when I found myself on Skype speaking to Rod, the fearless leader aka. creative director of Speedhunters, and he posed the following question: What do you see yourself doing with your blogging in the next few years - is it something you want to pursue? If you had the choice, what kind of role would you like to see it playing in your future?

It got me thinking - I really enjoy blogging, but I'd never considered the possibility that it could perhaps progress into becoming a journalist - could I actually do that? I'm very critical of myself, not in a poor self-esteem kind of way, but in more of the sense that I'm a total perfectionist and anything I do has to be to what I feel is to the absolute best of my abilities - OR ELSE!

But as it turns out, apparently I am kind of okay at this whole blogging gig, as after the success of my MX5 story, last month I was offered a position as an Associate Editor working for Speedhunters! Since then everything has gone past in a total blur; I'm not sure if it's so much because of the amount of physical stuff I've done rather than the goals I've achieved and the dreams that have come true for me. But this is the main thing that has changed, because now I will be producing stories for Speedhunters, and not for my own personal website.

So where does this leave iheartstance? Well, this blog has sort-of become a bit of a résumé for me in a way, and the statistical side of things shows that people are still reading through old content on here every day, which is really awesome! Despite this, I have no intent whatsoever of ditching iheartstance, and I'll continue to do my best to post different and interesting content on here regularly! After all, why would I abandon the blog that completely changed my life and got me to where I am now? That doesn't really make sense to me.

If you haven't been reading Speedhunters or if you are unfamiliar with the website, please feel free to check out some of the stories I have put together on there so far:

 photo S30-280Z-9258.jpg

Project Z has been taken on as a Speedhunters Project Car, which is super exciting! You can read more about it here...

 photo IMG_1887_1_final2.jpg

... and recently I drove this beautiful Hakosuka Skyline in Japan - check out the story here!

 photo IMG_5017.jpg

Lastly, while I was in America I was able to check out a Slammed Society meet for the first time, and it was awesome! You can check out my coverage here.

The main reason I'm so excited is because this is such an amazing opportunity for me to share my love for cars and my passion for our car scene with such a huge audience. My ultimate goal is to inspire others, especially those who haven't discovered the exciting world of all things automotive yet. I want them to experience what it's like to strap yourself into your own bucket seat with your own race harness and take your own car out on a racetrack for the first time, or to ride passenger in a competitive drift car and feel what it's like being thrown into that first corner. The feeling of watching someone taking an engine apart for the first time (or even doing it yourself!) and being able to understand what everything does and how it works, or even the sense of achievement from something as simple as being able to change a wheel on your own car for the first time.

I don't just want people to read about me experiencing things like this, I want my writing and photographs to inspire them to get out and experience all of these things firsthand! To inspire others to make cars an everyday part of their lives, and for people to discover just how much joy and satisfaction this can bring them.

To the more experienced petrol heads, I hope my enthusiasm can help ensure your love for cars is retained if not for life, then for as long as possible. It's hard having a hobby where things break all the time, occasionally catch fire, are frowned on by society (and sometimes by the law) and most of all, that sucks all the money from our pockets, but I hope that my stories can help remind you why all these things are worth putting up with! For me, when I open up the garage door and see that Datsun badge glinting at me - it's like rediscovering my passion all over again.

Anyway, I'm sure this is the ultimate dream for everyone (right?) but all I've ever wanted is to be good at something, something that I really love doing. I want to look at creative work that I've produced and feel completely satisfied. It's really exciting to think that I've started following a path that could and may well eventually lead to me doing that 'something'. If you have been following my blog, (and it's so amazing and humbling knowing that there are some people out there who have been following my journey since 2010), I sincerely hope that you will continue to follow me on this exciting new chapter in what I never thought could potentially lead to a possible career. Thank-you so much for your continued support!

PS. Stay tuned for some photos from my Japan travels very soon!

Taryn x

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  1. Great story Taryn, and great for you. There is only one way and it's forward. Keep posting on here when you have a chance, but nonetheless, people that love your work will find you wherever it is that you write. God bless. -Danny


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