Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A sweet memento...

I recently received an email from a guy named Matt who had stumbled across my old Miatasaurus being advertised for parts. He managed to pick up my old BC coilovers and thought it would be nice to salvage my cert plate for me while he was at it. Last week I received it in the mail.

 photo rsz_plate.jpg

It was quite a weird feeling when I first took it out of the envelope. I know it seems pretty silly to talk about having an emotional connection with a car; it is just a bit pile of metal and bolts anyway, right? But I guess in a way, cars are a bit like living creatures. They have a body with vital organs and they move on four struts, they get judged by what brand of footwear they have on, and they need air to breathe and fuel to survive. They aren't conscious living beings like we are, but I believe they have their own characteristics and personalities - their own spirit perhaps.

As I brushed my fingers over the dirty piece of engraved metal it definitely brought back memories. I know I'll have another MX-5 one day, but until that day comes I know that in the back of mind I'll always have regrets about selling this car. I really didn't realise what I had at the time until it was gone.

Thanks Matt for sending me something to keep as a sweet memento of the Miatasaurus!

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