Monday, August 26, 2013

A pink shakotan-style Z432

I've been meaning to share some photos of this amazing 1:20 scale model Z432 I came across in one of Mad Mike's magazines he brought back from his last Japan trip.

 photo 2P7A1998_1_B.jpg

The amount of detail that has gone into this project is insane - some serious Otaku stuff! The creator has started with a Fairlady Z432 model kit and added a G-nose conversion, Lambo-style scissor doors and a kaido-racer style rear-hatch conversion. They've obviously drawn a bit of inspiration from the Shakotan Boogie 'Yanky Mate' S30, which has a lot of similar styling features.

 photo 2P7A1998_1_C.jpg

It also features an incredibly detailed engine bay with the correct Z432 heart - the ever so desirable Nissan S20 straight-six. Mmm... what I'd do to hear one of those with my own ears. One day!

 photo 2P7A1999_A.jpg

Enormous exaggerated fender flares house what look to be a super-wide set of SSR MK1s - and what would this dream Z be without a bit of 'demon camber' as a finishing touch? The fact that it's a hot glittery pink colour has nothing to do with why I'm so obsessed with it. Nothing. I admire the Japanese so much for their level of dedication to model car building because they have such amazing style and a great eye for detail. This article on Speedhunters from a few months back is a great example of this! Now if I could just figure out how to acquire a large wall-sizedposter of this for my wall, or even better, this exact car in real life. Sweet dreams!

シャコタン  ❤ x

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