Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When pink is cool

I love the colour pink, but not so much when it comes to cars. I'd much prefer a car in black, white or silver rather than a bright colour, as I tend to get over coloured cars and change my mind about what I like very quickly. However, there are a few exceptions. Here are 13 examples of when pink is super rad, and I would TOTALLY go there. Just FYI, it's a pretty random mix of different styles. Just go with it...

 photo WAGONR.jpg

Because Kei car. This Suzuki Wagon R rocks my world. I want this as my daily driver so bad.

 photo 541424_526150517426746_786751914_n.jpg

Because Japan. External mounted oil cooler, G-nose, over-sized bodykit - and those air horns! This pink Z is so radical.

 photo 1957_cadillac_coupe_deville_-_white_over_pink_-_rh_side_2_pat_d.jpg

Because 1957 2-door Cadillac. Probably my number one dream car.

 photo Cadillac_59_Cabriolet_Pink_sf2.jpg

Because 1959 2-door rag-top Cadillac. Something about a baby pink drop-top Caddy with big white walls and an all-white interior makes the inner girl in me jump up and down and cry with delight.

 photo AY0F1137.jpg

Because Hayashi Yayoi. My dream wheels!

 photo Larry_Chen_idlers12hours-25.jpg

Because RWB. Because Porsche. Because race car. Whatever, just give me it.

 photo WORK-Wheels-rocket-bunny-1.jpg

Because TRA Kyoto. The picture does the talking.

 photo 310328_200850109982421_713691500_n.jpg

Because SSR Mark III. My other dream wheels! I always wanted to buy a set of these for my old MX5 and paint the centres pink. Gimme, gimme!

 photo RADZ.jpg

Because date. 3rd of May 1982. That's seven years before I even existed on this planet!

 photo 8026468685_b404fe2812_o.jpg

Because P1. Well, duh? Don't need to explain this one.

 photo impp-1304-04-o1992-nissan-240SX-coupepink-steering-wheel.jpg

Because juxtaposition. Aggressive drift car + pink steering wheel = just ain't care.

 photo lamborghini-aventador-pink-paint-1.jpg

Because galaxy-wrapped Aventador. These photos are old but whatever. I love it, want it, and need it.

 photo 20130407-IMG_4933copy.jpg

Because Hachiroku. I'm pretty sure you could paint an AE86 any colour and it would still be cool. Love the wing mirrors and the gold meshies too. Such a winning combo!


Images from:
Import Tuner
Work Wheels Japan