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Iheartstance is a blog I created in June 2010 to document my personal journey as a typical car-illiterate blonde-haired female turned passionate automotive enthusiast. I can't really give you a definitive answer as to how I became so ridiculously obsessed with cars; it just happened one day. Going back five years ago, I found myself in a position where I needed to buy a practical daily driver, and I ending up buying a Toyota bB. One day I decided to run a Google search and a photo popped up of a Scion xB, lowered on some cool-looking wheels, but these wheels weren't sitting like how normal wheels should. For a start, the dish was massive and they were extremely wide, but what I took the most notice of was the way the car looked on these wheels. It looked awesome! But why? I glanced out the window at my own bB at standard ride height with the standard wheels and in my mind I started comparing the difference between the two cars. It interested me, the way these wheels and the low ride height made the car change so drastically in appearance.

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Before I knew it I had started modifying my car and reading forums and car blogs everyday, eager to learn more about this trend and the other elements of style that came along with it. At first I hid my newfound interest from my friends, scared of what they'd think of me. I created this blog in secret, and one day my boyfriend - now husband - discovered it and encouraged me to share a link on Facebook. It all started from there. One blog I checked everyday was Hellaflush, which promoted flush fitment culture and the term 'Hellaflush' itself. This was the start of something that I didn't realise was going to change my life.

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In January 2011 I bought a 1993 Mazda Eunos Roadster MX-5/Miata, the "Miatasaurus". This was a big learning curve for me, pushing the boundaries with my ride height whilst wanting functionality - these are two things that generally don't go together!

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You can read more about this project here.

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In June 2011 I travelled to Japan and fell truly in love with Japanese car culture - and Japanese culture in general. This was another turning point for me as I started to learn more about functional stance and the style and culture around Japanese tuning. I met Rauh-Welt Begriff creator Nakai-san and was invited to an Idlers Games meet at Tsukuba. It was the best day of my life, and I knew from that day onwards that this passion would be with me forever. Read more about my Japan trip here.

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By March 2012, I couldn't deny my love for classic Japanese cars any longer. I co-purchased a 1975 Datsun 280Z, a joint project between my partner and I. We plan to restore the car to its full former glory, whilst adding a few 'improvements' here and there. Read this post for further info. Unfortunately the consequence of this decision meant that I had to let go of my beloved MX-5, which was a very bittersweet goodbye. The Miatasaurus was such an important stage in the discovery of my automotive passion, and I'll never forget everything that car gave to me.

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Today my journey still continues, as I learn more about cars and become further involved in the automotive scene. Although it was stance that started my love affair with cars, my tastes have matured quite a lot since over the last five years, as I've become more educated I've gained an interest in car culture on a global scale.

Cars are an everyday part of my life, and alongside photography they are my one true passion. Follow me as I continue my journey, learning more about automotive culture around the globe, and working as the Community Manager of international automotive lifestyle brand, Speedhunters.com.

- Taryn x